Fiction books (fic: to make)

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  • Newley made
  • Neatly typed
  • Hard or sometimes paper back
  • Colorful and eye popping
  • Smooth outer cover
  • Embellished to the fullest


Fictional books such as the Warrior series bring the reader on a thrilling adventure. By reading a fictional book of any kind, you can experience something that isn't possible in real life. Writers MAKE these types of books by imagining impossible adventures and enigmatic occurrences. It's like a MADE-UP dream!
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Fictional books are majorly different than non-fictional books!

Non-fiction books:

  1. Realistic NOT MADE-UP!
  2. Possible to occur in real life
  3. BORING!
  4. Either set in the present or past
  5. Mostly biographies
  6. Banal
  7. Make you dormant after reading

Fiction books:

  1. Non-realistic
  2. Can't actually happen in real life
  4. Many adventures
  5. MADE-UP!!!!
  6. Exotic

Story Time!

How FICtional books engendered:

Once upon a time, in a small town, was a girl named Fic. She loved to imagine amazing adventures, but everyone else was ordinary and realistic. Her parents were ashamed of how imaginative she was, so they made her read a non-fiction book each day. "No more mermaids! No more vampires! No more nonsense!", They shouted, sending her to her room with bus loads of biographies and non-fictional books. After Fic read the horribly BORING books, she began to twist their stories. Instead of Abraham Lincoln dying by a gunshot, he was abducted by aliens and unicorns ruled the earth! And instead of Albert Einstein being a genius, he was actually an undercover vampire in seach of a cure from the curse. As more and more ideas began to come, Fic began to write. Soon her small room was filled with made up stories. Her parents grew angrier when they had seen what Fic had done, but Fic ignored them and imagined they were happy. More and more books began to flood out of her house, and into town. People started talking and soon Fic was known for her imaginative stories. Fic stated "because anything is possible, all you have to do is imagine!" Till this day people remember Fic and named her stories FICtional, in honor of her name and imagination.

Who? And Why?

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