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She was born in July 12, 1978 . She is 34 and is still an actress and is her upcoming movie Fast &Furious 6 as "Letty". as an actress for 13 years her incomes are $34 million. Michelles first movie was girlfight in (2000). She was known as "Diana Guzman" the lead role. A year later she had starred in a movie called "The Fast The Furious" in (2001) as Vin Diesels Girlfriend. After Her exprience with Fast& Furious Cast she Had got A lead in a (2012) "Machete". Michelle was rasied in 4 different Places Across the country, Dominican Republic, Texas, Puerto Rico, and Jersey City.She has two twin brotheres name Omar & Raul. Also Has two Older half Sisters On Her dad side. Her special Talent is that she can play piano well.

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