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There is a lot of sunlight for the ants. Temperature is very cold in the mornings but gets really hot during the afternoon and goes back to cold at night. The anthill gets some water but not on purpose. When we water the yard we just casually put some water on them.

Snake Pit

Since they're under the rocks,they don't get much sunlight. Although their mostly found curled up beneath the rocks, they can be found basking on the rocks on the sunny days.It does get damp underneath the rocks but they like dry places.


Many varieties of plants are around the anthill. Such as Roses, Zoysia, and Hibiscus. In our yard ants make their hills out of the soil, Sandy loam. Snails are sometimes around them.

Snake Pit

The snakes are under natural limestones. Wild grass are surrounding the rocks. At night Skunks, Rabbits, Cats, and Raccoons come.

How Are They Similar?

Both of my microhabitats are similar because they both have similar abiotic factors. Such as wind conditions, sunlight, temperature and amount of water.

How Are They Different?

Ants build their home while snakes find a suitable spot and settle there. There are a lot beautiful flowers and plant near the anthills while there are just wild grass by the snakes. Animals are found jumping around in the wide open area while nothing is found in the yard that is surrounded by fence. The anthills don't really see animals like snakes do. Most people see anthill while people don't usually see the snake pits.
  1. DEFINE BIOME: A large naturally occurring of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat.
  2. DEFINE MICROHABITAT: A habitat is small or limited extent and which differs in character from some surrounding extensive habitat.
  3. HOW DO THE ABIOTIC FACTORS IN AREA 1 INFLUENCE THE TYPES OF PLANTS AND ANIMAL SPECIES THAT CAN LIVE THERE? The soil is what the ants make anthills of. Without the water the soil wouldn't be healthy.
  4. HOW DO THE ABIOTIC FACTORS IN AREA 2 INFLUENCE THE TYPES OF PLANTS AND ANIMAL SPECIES THAT CAN LIVE THERE? The sun keeps the snakes alive because they're cold-blooded which means they can't survive in the cold.
  5. COMPARE THE ABIOTIC AND BIOTIC FACTORS IN AREAS 1 & 2. HOW ARE THEY SIMILAR, HOW ARE THEY DIFFERENT? All of the abiotic factors are pretty much the same. While on the other hand, the biotic factors are pretty different. The fauna is different outside and inside the fence. Skunks , Raccoons, and rabbits jump around outside while they're nothing jumping around inside the fence except the ants.