Gattis Gossip

Volume 7, Issue 25 ----------------------------March 9, 2015

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Congratulations to...

Donna Staten.... who will travel to Atlanta over spring break to receive a national award at the CoSN- Consortium for School Networking- conference. The connection came from the TASB/TASA conference last fall in Dallas. She was invited to speak about using social media in the classroom and PLN building. Her session had by far the largest crowd, and the TASB CEO nominated her for this award that is presented by NSBA. We are so proud! Here is a link if you'd like to read more!

Teachers .... You finished the TELPAS calibration and turned your certificates in!!

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Thank you, GATTIS! Your flexibility and team work on this day of testing after the bad weather day were art in motion! Thank you for making it happen for our students!!
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Upcoming Week At Gattis...

Collect TELPAS Writing Grade 2-5

Writing collection due in LaWanda's box Wed. (should not be rated)

Writing Studio continues - 4th grade

Climate survey window is open


  • Kindergarten Round-up
  • 8:55 Brief ARD
  • 9:50 Brief Ard
  • 12:50 Annual Ard
  • 1pm LaWanda - off campus training
  • Be sure all reading and math STAAR ready tests are scanned!


  • 1/2 day technology PD w/ Angie
  • Jennifer at Principals' Meeting
  • 1:45 ARD


  • 9:00 5th grade science STAAR Ready
  • 9:50 ARD
  • TELPAS writing collections due in LaWanda's box
  • Early Release
  • 1:05 STAAR Training


  • LaWanda at AP meeting morning only
  • Maturation training 5th grade


  • Morning Assembly
  • Maturation training 5th grade

Coming up soon!

  • March 12 & 13 Maturation Training
  • March 16-20 SPRING BREAK
  • March 20 End of grade period
  • March 23 Due date - grade verification 3rd grading period
  • March 23-27 Holistic Rating Window for TELPAS
  • March 23 TELPAS tutorials
  • March 24 Online Reading TELPAS 2nd grade
  • March 25 Online Reading TELPAS 3rd grade
  • March 27 International Fest
  • March 30 Report cards go home
  • March 30 STAAR Writing 4th grade day 1
  • March 31 STAAR Writing 4th grade day 2/ Reading 5th grade
  • April 1 & 2 Award Ceremonies for 3rd grading period
  • April 2 Online Reading TELPAS 4th & 5th grade
  • Aoril 3 School holiday
  • April 6 TELPAS Online Reading Make-ups - All grades
  • April 10 Spring Fling
  • April 20 STAAR Math 5th grade
  • April 21 STAAR Math 3rd and 4th grades
  • April 22 STAAR Reading 3rd and 4th grade
  • April 23 STAAR Science 5th grade
  • April 27 6:30-8:00 International Fest
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Happy Birthday, Fabulous Teachers and Staff Members! We celebrate YOU on your special day!!!

Mar. 5 Marcy Rodriguez

Mar. 6 Alett Rosberg

Mar. 6 Jennifer Lucas

Mar. 15 Mary Doyle

Mar. 16 Eva Hughes

Mar. 28 Erin Garcia

Mar. 28 Karen Rivera

Review Accommodations and groups for CBAs and STAAR Reading Assessments

3-5 grade classroom teachers, sped. teachers, tag teachers, interventionists --

Please be sure to review the google document with testing accommodations. There have been changes from ARDS. Some changes are in the document and some are not. It is the responsibility of ALL to ensure that correct accommodations are in place for the students we serve. I also need your input about test administrators who can support each group.

STAAR A and STAAR L Resources

Random Acts of Kindness Project

Reminders will be on broadcast!! See Mrs. Naranjo's email or ask her if you have questions.

If you have students who need an extra slip to fill out, there is a large folder near the bulletin (right outside Renteria's office). Please have them take one during an appropriate transition time. Any completed slips, please place in my box and I will post on the bulletin.

Please refer to the following link for any ideas or activities you would like to use in the classroom, or if students are needing better clarification about a random of act of kindness.

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Be Prepared!! - Review Emergency Protocols

Be sure to review emergency protocols with your team to be prepared for any drills or actual crises. Make sure that materials are highly visible and easily accessible to substitutes. Team members should be aware of any substitutes present and make sure to provide support in case emergency protocols are needed for any reason.

Partners in Education

Please remember to use this link throughout the year to record any donors and partnerships. If you have guest speakers to your classroom or gradelevel, record the activity. Guest speakers would be recorded as partners rather than donors. Recording this information is an important piece of our accountability and allows our partners to be recognized for all they do for us.