Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

~Alex Vernon~

Birth and Childhood

Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria on January 27th, 1756.

His infamy began as a young child where he played music 24/7 and was to be considered a child prodigy* by his parents and everyone who listened to him.

His father, Leopold, who was also a violinist, took him on a 4 year concert tour to perform for people such as Marie Antoinette and King George III all before the age of 10.

This in result made his family rich for a short time but not forever.

Moving Upwards and Forwards... to His Death

Mozart eventually became the concertmaster* for the Salzburg Court and taught other musicians.

His main desire was to compose, and compose he did. Fast paced was his only pace and he had already written 3 operas and 25 symphonies by the time he was 16. One of his famous sonatas is The Magic Flute.

Mozart also moved at a fast pace in another area in his life, he married Constanze Weber and ended up having 6 children with her, however only two survived.

At one point in his life however, he was approached by an anonymous person to write a requiem* for someone, as Mozart began to get sicker though, he started to believe that he soon was writing this requiem for himself.

The Magic Flute: Overture - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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15 Days to Die

So Sore!

Throughout Mozart's crazy fast life, he had always had a reoccurring sore throat along with aches and pains and feelings of soreness in his hips, knees, fingers, and even shoulders to the point where he couldn't move. To alleviate the pain, he was leeched.

Hi, my name is Leech!

Leeching was used to get rid of "bad blood" to make you better...

To leech properly:

  • Do NOT use sick leeches
  • Soak leeches in beer
  • Smear blood where you want them to bite
  • Start with the leech in the cup and then put on skin
  • Do not let the leeches wander off
  • Let the leech drop off at its own convenience (if removed before done, infection and profound bleeding may occur)
  • Never put on the face or neck due to nasty scarring
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Mozart's skin eventually began accumulating red pustules* and the doctor said he had "severe military fever" which basically meant, everything was falling apart. So here he got to enjoy more medical treatment!

They made up a mixture of:

  1. warmed turpentine
  2. wax
  3. powdered Spanish flies
  4. mustard

And then, they smeared it all over his body which in turn, made his skin bubble and blister.

His hands eventually swelled up, along with that came a high fever and vomiting. To cure this, the doctors mixed cold water and vinegar and put it on his head to cool him down. Two hours later, Mozart was dead.

He died within 15 days. And Mozart never did finish the requiem.

The REAL Cause of Death

*cough cough*

Strep throat*. That's right. He died because he had strep. The treatment nowadays would've been some antibiotics and rest.

Additional Information

  • When Mozart died, his wife threw herself on top of him because she wanted to catch what he had and die with him, unsuccessfully.
  • They didn't do an autopsy on his body because his corpse was smelly and unlike most bodies, his was soft and squishy.
  • After his funeral, which was very insignificant, they put him in a body bag and threw him in the ground basically with no tombstone head or anything to mark his grave.
  • Mozart's wife loved him, however, she didn't visit his grave for 17 years, partially because he didn't have a grave to visit and because that just wasn't something people did back then.
  • Constanze is also not very liked because after Mozart died, she threw away a lot of his unfinished compositions.

Footnotes and Vocabulary


*Prodigy - a person, especially a child or young person, having extraordinary talent or ability

*Concertmaster - the leader of the first violins in a symphony orchestra, who is usually also the assistant to the conductor

*Requiem - any musical service, hymn, or dirge for the repose of the dead

*Pustules - a small elevation of the skin containing pus

*Strep Throat - Strep throat is a disease that causes a sore throat (pharyngitis); it is an infection