Teacher Techniques

A teacher wears many hats in the classroom. One of their most important hat is to help students apply new skills and knowledge. To ensure this, teachers should be attending workshops frequently. Workshops provide teachers with updated techniques and tools to implement in their classroom management. Teachers should also peer up with each other and come up with ideas on how to intrigue students to learn in the classroom. The teaching style is very important, because if the teachers can't interest students, they will not want to learn. Teachers can work together and come up with positive ways of introducing different themes to students.

Teaching Practices

Teachers across the country should use certain practices when teaching their students. Not every teacher can use the same practices because not every student learns the same way. Teachers have to change up their practices if a student(s) seem to have trouble understanding a certain topic. Because of many advancements in technology, teachers can implement that into learning. Using technology is a good teaching practice, students tend to learn better when they are working with hands on materials, such as computer programs. Also creating activities that provides students to use crictical thinking is a good teaching practice. Create an objective that can give students a general insight of what they will be learning about. Include tools such as books, illustrations, videos etc, to help students conduct reasearch.

Common Core Standards

There should be a consistent standard for all teachers to meet. It is better for teachers to become familiarize with a consistent standard because they will be using it at all times when creating an objective for students. Using one common standard can help teachers feel more at ease and make it more easier for them to plan the curriculum for students. I believe that the Common Core Standard is one of the best standards for teachers to implement when creating their objective. "The ideal for using the Common Core Standard is to challenge your students with higher-level learning objectives, questions, and assessments, as well as prepare them for the growing amount of higher-level questions and problems provided in testing situations" (Newman, R. 2013).


"The ISTE Standards set a standard of excellence and best practices in learning, teaching and leading with technology in education" (ISTE, 2012). There are many teachers across the country struggling with the NETS-T standard. This standard is based on technology and a lot of teachers are not savvy working with online. Teachers need more help and assistance to implement the NETS-T standard in the classroom. Teachers and students will be left behind, if there is no guidance when working with the NETS-T standards.


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