Knifes in the kitchen

Linh Nguyen

Cutting safety

The kitchen is the most dangerous place in our house, so we need to be careful when we are cooking. Knifes are actually dangerous in the kitchen. You know there are a lot of kinds of knifes and you need to know how to use each one the right way. If you not be carefull you can get injury easily. Here is some tips to help you:

1. Keep your knives sharp.

2. Slice away from your hand and keep your fingers clear of the blade.

3. Don't ever use the palm of your hand as a cutting board.

4. When mincing, keep the tip of your knives on the cutting board.

5. Curl your fingers under and hold the food with your fingertips when chopping.

6. Use caution with steak knifes.

Finally, you need to be carefull when using knifes.

Using microwave safety

Microwave is also a dangerous thing you need to be carefull.

Because its function very necessary so most of the familys have it. Microwaves work very strong and just take about 1 to 2 minutes to warm your food. Also because it's so strong that why it is dangerous. Actually you just forget your food in microwave 10 more seconds it can burn your food badly. It can burn everything and sometime it can burn you too!!

So be carefull when you using it.