Mrs. Rhodes' Newsletter

Week of Monday, April 14th

This Week in Room 508:

On Friday we started writing stories about our Field Trip, this was some of the best writing I have seen all year! We continued to write across multiple pages and I'm going to give students a cover page to make it into a book. We are planning to share these stories at the beginning of the week with each other and I will send them home as soon as possible. Please celebrate your child's writing when they share their stories with you as they have been making some amazing progress!


This Friday, April 18th is a student holiday. Enjoy the 3 day weekend and Happy Easter!

Pictures Please!

Because there were so many groups on the field trip, I could not get pictures of all the students, I would love for you to send any pictures you got of your child or group at the Oil Ranch. The link below has pictures that I took from the field trip :)