Daniel Boone 1734-1820

Famous Missourian By Emma E. Kingsley

Daniel Boone's family

Daniel Boone was the 6th of 11 kids. His mother was Sarah and his father was Squive. He got married to Rebecca Bryan and had 10 kids 6 sons and 4 daughters.

The Life of Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone's Early Life

In the early life of Daniel Boone he had a job to do. Which meant he couldn't go to school. His job was to take the cattle out in the woods to graze. While he was doing that he always watched the birds.Daniel Boone started to hunt them for his family to eat.

Daniel Boone's Struggles in Life

A struggle Daniel Boone had was he had to provide food for his family.He had to do this because after he learned how to hunt he was in charge of gathering food for his family. He started gathering food at a young age.