K-2 Team Newsletter

August 19, 2019

Principal's Message

What an amazing end of Week 2 with our Bubble Send Off and we were so excited to see scholars setting goals! It energizes us to do the necessary work required to ensure they have the tools needed to meet each and every goal they set! This week we are still focusing on Priority #1 - Creating a Warm Demanding Culture. Within this priority we will continue our differentiated teacher support to hone in on the following: Pacing, Engage All Scholars, and Individual Corrections but also working on maintaining WTD, Radar, and Least Invasive Techniques. Your coaches will reach out to you to share your individual focus areas based on observations thus far. Let’s keep up the momentum and have another fantastic week laser focused on our goals!

"Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life." -Les Brown

Important Operations Information


All lead teachers are required to take attendance in Infinite Campus starting Monday, August 19. If you have not yet done so, set up your account by calling (615) 269-5956 (ext 9). If you know your username, you will be able to reset your password. If you don’t know your username, email Eva Kohlmoos to get your employee ID.

Key Fob Access

The key fob access points have been updated to 24/7 access. If you need a key fob, please let Antjuan Welch know via email. Please look out for emails and signs by the entry points that restrict access during certain times of the year. During those times, the alarm system will be turned on.

Deans of Academics


Don’t forget to share your gradebook with your coach!!

Please ensure you are entering grades in Illuminate. Resources on how to use Illuminate are on the school drive and don’t hesitate to contact your dean of academics, veteran teachers on your team, or Eva Kohlmoos with questions. Please reference the K-5 and 6-8 grading expectations.

Opportunity to participate in creation of TN Ready ELA test

Applications are now open for educators to participate in both rangefinding for English language arts written responses and passage review for the English language arts TCAP assessments. The purpose of rangefinding is to have Tennessee educators determine how rubrics should be applied so that hand scorers have clear guidance on how to score student responses for the operational assessment. The purpose of passage review is to select a variety of passages for the Tennessee ELA assessments that are appropriate for the grade level, engaging for students, and can support a robust item development. Rangefinding will take place Oct. 7-9 and passage review will take place Nov. 4-6. Both events will be held in Nashville. The time commitment for each educator committee is three days. All participants will receive a daily stipend or sub reimbursement. All interested applicants should complete an online application. The application window closes Thursday, Aug. 22, at 5 p.m. CT.

Dean of Culture

Culture Corner

As you work to establish and strengthen the culture of 100% and team with our scholars, feel empowered to take the time to sweat the small stuff and dig in when needed! Know that it is OK and you have flexibility to prioritize culture over content and build in some extra time for transitions to get it right! The short term work we put into to establishing excellence will pay dividends come November and beyond!

  • Keep in Mind:

      • Radar - Be Seen Looking, be aware of the misbehaviors that are happening, figure out the source of the behavior, and decide on the best teacher move up and down the ladder to correct it.

      • Least Invasive Form of Intervention - Assume the best, decrease the amount of air time you give to broken expectations, use strong silent hand signals to reinforce expectations, and then move up the ladder.

        • Non-Verbal Intervention

        • Positive Group Correction

        • Anonymous Individual Correction

        • Private Individual Correction

      • Issue Glows and Grows

        • Lightning-Quick Public Correction Consequence and put Grows in LiveSchool

        • Our goal is 45,000 glows by the end of the school year, that is 11, 250 glows a quarter, and 3,750 glows per grade level Quarter 1.

  • Attendance: Let's try to push our on-time attendance for next week so K-2 can get on the board!

Big picture

Dean of SEL

SEL lessons will begin this week. For the first lesson, please have at least one teacher present in the classroom to help with culture expectations. For the next two weeks, we will learn the role of a counselor, and introduce ourselves. We will also learn about a new bully reporting system in place. Please remember to use the SEL referral system to refer scholars for individual and small groups!

Leader in Me: Habit #3: Put First Things First "I am disciplined and organized."

Focus Glow: Professionalism - organization, urgency, neatness, or effort in work product or action

Special Message

Related Arts

Please be sure your scholars go to the restroom prior to coming to their related arts class. There is only one adult present and we cannot monitor the upstairs restrooms where the big scholars also go. We will allow scholars to go but for dire emergencies only! Please help reinforce this with your scholars. Thank you!!!

Weekly Reminders

Please be informed:

  • iPads serial numbers: Email Dr. P the iPad # and serial #, we are still missing some classes

  • Sub Folder/Binders were due last week Friday and will be utilized as needed for absences

  • Lesson Plans for the week must be accessible as admin will continue observations this week and will use them as we target our focus areas for 8/19-8/23

  • Glows and Grows must be entered into LiveSchool to track behavior trends

  • Uniform Full Compliance - Log into LiveSchool by 9:00 am daily, Ms. Jones’ account is now fixed

  • Grade Level Team Meetings - start on your selected day 3:45-4:15 pm

    • K & 2nd - Scholars of Concern Meeting

    • 1st - DOC Culture Meeting

Upcoming Events

MAP Testing

August 19-21 (schedule)

Friday Motivation

August 23rd


*please have your Leadership Tee Winner Ready

Friday PD

August 23rd

*Staff TDR & GLT Time

*Admin PD


Nicole Bruner - August 19th

Rebecca Walsh - August 20th


August 29th

Staff Absences

August 19th

Coach Jordan (PE)

August 19th, 21st, 23rd

Lindsey Barnes (SPED)

August 21st

Nicole Bruner (2nd)

August 22nd & 23rd

Alicia Schenck (1st)

August 23rd

Jaquandria Hayes (K)

Shelly Gaughan (2nd)

Molly Jackson (Admin)

Shout Outs

Congrats to our G.R.E.A.T. Winners of the Week and check out the Class Photo of the Week!

Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary School Principal