Sojourner Truth

From Slave to Hero

The Beginning

  • Sojourner Truth born Isabella was born into slavery
  • Was beaten and abused by her owners but then decided she should turn away from slavery.
  • She did many great things that impact our world today such as fighting for the women's right to vote .
  • Also fought for the inclusion of African American men in war.


  • Sojourner Truth was a brave women.
  • Sojourner Truth and her baby daughter Sophia left her owner alone as most people leave in groups.
  • Sojourner Truth took the risk of getting caught but since she was brave she took the risk to be free.


  • Sojourner Truth was also faithful.
  • She did not belong to a specific religion but when she became free she became a Christian.
  • Truth's beliefs were very important to her and believed that god would keep her safe and lead her in the right direction.


  • Sojourner Truth was also helpful in many ways. She thought of others and what she could do to help them.
  • She fought for woman's suffrage and the inclusion of African Americans men in war.
  • When African American men were permitted to fight in the war she brought them food and clothing.
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A Hero To Others Near and Far

  • Sojourner Truth was a remarkable women who did many things that make her a hero
  • She has impacted our history in a positive way such as fighting for women's suffrage and the inclusion of African Americans in war.
  • She is a hero to others near and far.