Dakota Hargis

Biome Description

In the rainforest there is a lot of animals and it is very wet. The rainforest is near the equator. The rainforest has a lot of trees and animals to.

Abiotic Factors

The climate is moist and humid. The average yearly rainfall is 50 to 260 inches. The temper urge is about 77*, in the rainforest it never gets below 64*. In a month the rainforest receives 4 inches of rain.


In the rain forest their are mosly trees and ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. There also mountains, valleys, and wetlands. Because there are so many trees there is not a lot of landforms.

Biotic Factors

There are very many different types of animals in the rainforest. Some of these includ snakes, fish, deer, monkeys, tigers, geckos, and poison dart frogs. Some of the plants in the rain forest are Nepenthes plants, Epiphytes plants, Bromeliad plants, and Buttresses plants

Ecological concerns or issues

Catastrophic events in the rainforest are forest fires, humans are cutting down the trees, huge floods from the rain, and farming and these are just a fue events that are destroying the rainforest.