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Tallwood Elementary School Staff Newsletter

Week of January 11, 2016

Upcoming Events in January

Week of January 11- Reading Collab Week

January 11- Kindergarten Learning Walk and Collab

January 12-15 Tallwood Team to Technology Conference

January 12- 3rd grade Skype with Author 9:30 am

January 14- Kindergarten Skype with Author

January 15- Parent of the Month 9:00 am

A BIG Thanks To...

Thank you so much to Geri and Keisha for making our Science Court lesson paperless using Google Forms. The students loved it! Leanna and Tamyra

Kudos to Geri Pattie for helping me transfer Science Court to Google forms. It went well in 5th grade. Kudos to Michael Wesely for offering to let me use your external disc drive to transfer the other volumes of Science Court. Your help allows me to take a lesson that would have traditionally taken 48 pages of paper per class. – Keisha O’Neal

Thank you to Karen Kaas for providing an opportunity for our 2nd grade students to Skype with the children’s author Tara Lazar. This was a great learning opportunity in which our students were able to connect to the author, listen to her read aloud one of her published books and to ask her a few questions about being a writer. Erica Hamilton

To Karen Kaas for organizing the Skype lesson with Tara Lazar and to Sharon Bulger for helping with the technolgy for the lesson. The Second Grade Team

Preschool would like to thank Robin Cooper, Joan Lewis, and Joanne Spivey for all of their help in room 5 over the past few weeks. You are greatly appreciated!!

A huge thank you to Vicki Storm for helping me out with student of the month and terrific timberwolf!!! Her assistance is the reason it runs so smoothly!!! Tammy Schubart

Thank you to Keisha for conducting paperless Science Court in my classes. The kids were completely engaged! Tamyra

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Happy Birthday!

12th- Sandra Reimers

27th-Kathleen Mendoza

Best Babies Dancing Compilation 2014 [HD]

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