Latin American Leaders

Jose Morelos and Pedro I

Jose Morelos

Jose Morelos was born in on September 30, 1756 in Valladolid, Mexico. He was a part of the Creole class. Morelos help Mexico gain its independence. Mexico wanted independence from Spain because Spain was taking the money from the mexican citizens and using it for its own. Also, there was racial and class distinctions that Morelos wanted to remove. Morelos dies on December 22, 1815.

Today, in memory of Morelos, there are cities in Mexico named after him, the State of Morelos and the city of Morelia.

Pedro I

Pedro I was born on Oct. 12, 1798 in Libson. He was born into the Peninsulares class. Pedro I helped Brazil gain their independence. The Brazilians wanted independence because the Portuguese were taking over their government and land. Pedro died on September 24, 1834.

Today Pedro isn't celebrated directly, but the Brazilian independence is celebrated on September 7. People celebrate by gathering in the road with banners, balloons and streamers, and the young Brazilian women carry the national flag the symbol of the greatest democracy.