Mrs. Tuttle's CAP Class ~ Shields Elementary

October 15, 2015

Mission Statement

We, the SHIELDS CAPtains, will participate in advanced learning, continuously grow, and move on to the next grade level, by being responsible, doing our best, working together, and learning from our mistakes.


Changes Coming

After much reflection, I've decided our ELA needs a little change in the way I am instructing and the students are learning. We will still be continuing The Secret Garden, completing webs and organizers, working with book clubs, and thinking critically, but it's time to do things for our class and our needs.

Each week your child will be assigned to read a couple Chapters from The Secret Garden. They will be completing literature webs, story maps, and their discussion boards. On Mondays, we will be participating in Socratic Seminars where the students discuss the chapters they read as a whole group. They will use their discussion board to guide the discussions.

Throughout the week, we will complete webs, participate in extension activities, and complete a chapter quiz on what was read during homework the week before. As we spend more time digging into the book and discussing it, my goal is to teach the students how to be more critical readers, diving deeper into text rather than just the surface level they are used accustomed to.

I'm hoping these changes will allow the students to experience success during our ELA time.

Socratic Seminar

Doesn't that just sound intelligent!! We participate in Socratic Seminars once a week. Check out this link to learn more about Socratic Seminar.
Class Blogs

We've been practicing our writing skills as we started our blogs. Check them out!



We are moving into multiplication this week. The students will use what they know about factors, multiples, and arrays to help them become multiplication magicians. We will begin with smaller multiplication problems and move into double and triple digit multiplication equations.

Below is an example of how an array could be used to solve the problem 9 X 23. By breaking apart the 23 into a 10, 10, and 3 The student will have a better chance to use mental math to solve this equation.

Big image


Tracking Behavior ~ Classroom Management

This year we have new rules that we are following for our school-wide Positive Behavior System:

  • Be Ready to Learn
  • Be Ready to Try {Try Again}
  • Be Ready to Help
  • Be Ready to Accept Help
  • Be Ready to Lead

Shields is no longer using the clip charts to track behavior so I felt the need to find a way to reward those students who were constantly following our school rules and a way for students to recognize when they needed to adjust their behavior so they could try again!

Class Dojo is a behavior management system that allows students to earn points for following the school rules. Likewise, points may also be deducted when students are not following the school rules and need a reminder to get back on track.

Every iPad has the Class Dojo app installed so students can see their points. Students can only see their points so their behavior information is confidential.

Next week, our class is going to make a list of rewards they can earn when they reach a certain point amount.

In order for students to be able to see their points, parents must connect an email account to their child's account. Many of you have done this already...THANK YOU! If you have not connected your account please consider doing this. Your child brought home a paper last week with information on how to do this and those who were not signed up also received another copy during conferences on Thursday. By connecting your account you can receive notifications when you child receives or loses points. I will be using Class Dojo for my Thursday Notes so you will receive information from me about your child's behavior weekly as well.

I'm hoping this will be a great tool for everybody as we learn the new rules and work towards becoming leaders in our school!

Parent Conferences

Thank You!

Thank you to all the families who attended our first round of Student Led Conferences. WOW! We had 18 conferences in one night. I was VERY impressed in how the students conducted themselves. I saw some excellent leaders! I enjoyed walking around the room and hearing the students sharing everything they've worked on. I could hear the pride in their voices! I hope that you all enjoyed the experience.

Service Learning Project

October is Bullying Prevention Month

The CAP students are creating campaigns to share with Shields students on how they can help to stop bullying in our school community. We have groups creating iMovies, raps, skits, comics, acrostic poems and more. The goal is to teach people who to be positive so that bullying will become obsolete! The groups will be posting our presentations on our YouTube class page to share. They will also be creating posters to display through the school.

Volunteers are needed so please click on the link below to see if there is a time that would work for you!

Big image

Classroom Needs

We have a couple classroom supplies that we could use. If you could donate any of the following it would be much appreciated:

  • gallon baggies
  • snack size baggies
  • quart size baggies
  • small sticky notes (the small squares or rectangles)

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