WolfGang Amadeus Mozart

BIRTH Place: Salzburg, Austria BIRTH DATE: January 27, 1756

What he is known for.

Famous Classical composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, battled Tourette Syndrome.  The musical genius’ compositions were influenced.

How He Died.

If Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had spent a few minutes basking in the sun, it might have forestalled his untimely death, researchers are saying. The sun would have upped the young composer's levels of vitamin D, an important vitamin in fighting off disease. Our bodies make vitamin D from ultraviolet B (UVB) light from the sun, though it also is found in fish and a few other foods. (Two hundred years after Mozart's time, it is also available in pill form.) In many places during the winters, UVB levels in sunlight are too low to make the vitamin in our skin. Where Mozart lived, in Vienna, these low levels of UVB rays would have easily caused vitamin D deficiencies, two researchers write in a letter in the June issue of the journal Medical Problems of Performing Artists.
How did he die,how did he become a musician.