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Tricks and Tips on how to say bye bye to smoking !

This months Issue Is about SMOKING !

Tons of you asked us for advice on this months topic which is also known as smoking . You asked and we answered !

Advice Column

Do I pick my friends or my health ?

Question: I am a freshman in high school now, but all my friends since middle school have started smoking. I don’t want to smoke but don’t want to lose them as friends either... what should I do? Cause I don’t want them to think I’m a loser or immature. I have no idea on what to do... so please help? - John

Answer: John, if you don’t want to smoke don’t go against your choices just to fit in . You were meant to be different! If they smoke let them .. but if their not being good friends, you should keep in touch but also try finding a better group of friends that won’t have to make you go against your choices and forcing yourself into something you don’t want to do. Remember friends come and go ! Thank you john for seeking help this month !

Smoking is the best choice ?

Question: I have been depressed for a while now & I kind of hate my life. A lot of people I know say that if I smoke... it can take the stress away and help me relax a bit more which would be nice. But I don’t know if in doing the right thing? Am I ? - Jay

Answer: Jay, I think if you are going through depression you should talk to a Counselor and express yourself and what’s been happening in your life of why you hate it so much. At this moment you may think that smoking can take your stress away and make you feel relaxed but smoking is really bad for your health. Smoking can affect your health in so many ways such as, it can give you heart disease, lung cancer, yellow teeth, yellow nails ... not to forget that it can be addicting . Its better if you dont smoke at all, you want to find some ways to get a bit relaxed I higher request to go meet a Counselor and see some ways that could help you. Thank you for coming to us by the way, we hoped you got the advice you needed !

No to party ?

Question: The last time I went to a party, there was this guy I knew that tried to peer pressure me into smoking. I didn’t have to because my friend helped me get away. Tonight I am going to another party and I don’t want the same thing to happen to me. What if it does? What should I do? - Jennifer

Answer: Jennifer, if the same thing does happen tonight I think you should say you don’t want to and or don’t feel comfortable smoking. If they don't listen you can just walk away because remember no one can force you to do anything . Or if you want to avoid anything happening at all I think you should just leave the party if anything happens or just don’t go at all. If you need more advice , come back again and we will answer !

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