Weekly Tech Update

GAPS Technology | September 29, 2020


  • It takes 48 hours from the time a student is enrolled until their information is propagated throughout the entire system (SIS, Google, Pinnacle, Canvas, Clever, Seesaw).
  • GAPS Technology page can be found here.

Zoom access issues

There are two new ways to log into Zoom that will help with login issues students are still experiencing:


  • Under a student profile, there is a “GAPS” folder in the bookmark bar. This now has a link to the Zoom login. The link will log the students in automatically.

Google Apps Button (Waffle):

  • In Gmail, in the top right corner is an icon with nine dots . Most refer to this as the waffle icon. Clicking on it and scrolling all the way to the bottom will show the Zoom button. This will also now log staff and students automatically.

For any further issues, please reach out to gaps.it@albany.k12.or.us with the username or email address.

More Zoom resources:

How to Zoom Youtube Channel

Several Zoom Education Webinar sessions each week with a live host to answer your questions, and focus on the following topics:

  • How to download the Zoom applications and join a Zoom meeting

  • How to schedule a meeting and send out invitations

  • In-meeting controls and differentiation tools (including the waiting room, share screen, breakout rooms)

Zoom 101: Polling (In-Meeting)
Zoom 101: Manage Participants (In-Depth)
Screen Share & Annotate for EDU
Comprehensive Guide to Educating Through Zoom

Other updates this week:

Google update: Google is doing a Chrome OS update starting on 9/28. This should update on all district devices automatically however, it would be beneficial to check for updates frequently.

Who to ask:

Zoom questions: Cindy Drouhard <cindy.drouhard@albany.k12.or.us>

Canvas questions: building Canvas site admin / teacher leader

Pinnacle questions: Jon Dilbone <jon.dilbone@albany.k12.or.us>

Clever / Seesaw: Dan Rothwell <dan.rothwell@albany.k12.or.us>

Computer hardware / network issues: GAPS IT <GAPS_IT@albany.k12.or.us>

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