Your Choices Your Life

Samuel Delacruz 4th-5th Period

Development of Theme Analysis

My character and conflict are shone in text because Max and Kevin throughout the book gain many things trust,friendship,and learn about each other more than anyone else they've ever met. They almost share the same father hood, Max's father killed his mother, while Freaks (Kevins) father simply just left when he heard his son had a birth defect. While they have a same father hood they both act very different, practically opposites proving my theme. There is also more proof by saying Max chose to be a good kid even though his fathers a murderer. "You've got your mothers heart and that's what counts."

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with it a lot. In Freak the Mighty Max is an L.D (learning disabled). While in reality even the teacher states that hes not an L.D just simply lazy. Then there's Freak. Freak is actually disabled. He doesn't want to wait to see what media has to say. He wants to go straight to the truth. He knows hes going to die. Hes not even scared of death. Then there's Max's dad Killer Kane. He chose the life of crime he killed Max's mother. Also these days people are committing crime everywhere. When people commit a crime people send their path of life a wrong way. Even though its bad they can still do it because its their life.

Visual Representations of Theme

Title of Book and Author Name

Freak the Mighty is a great book! By Rodman Philbrick, Go on an adventure you will never forget. It all starts with Max a massive boy who lives with his grandparents because his father is in jail for killing his mother. When he meets a new boy named Freak whose very brave but very small because of a birth defect. He only has a mother because his father left the second he heard the words "birth defect". Then Max and Freak become good friends. They have adventures. Then Max's father gets out of jail and kidnaps Max. Then Freak rescues him. His father goes back to jail. Then Freaks birthday happens then Freak has a seizure. Then dies so Max writes the adventures they had. Their story and ya know what they called it? Freak the Mighty!