IB Learner Profile: Balanced

Balance leads to harmony in all we do

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IB Learner Profile Attribute: Balanced

The IB Learner Profile Balance aims to develop learners who are balanced. Our goal is to allow students to discover and understand the importance of balancing different aspects of their lives. Focusing on the intellectual, physical and emotional in order to achieve well being for themselves and others. We would like for our students to recognize their interdependence with other people and with the world in which they live.

IB students are active participants in a wide range of aspects of campus life, as well as focusing on their academic development.


How can families help develop students who are Balanced at home?

~Create a daily schedule that includes time for school work, outside physical activity, arts and music, rest, balanced meals.

~Allow time for a variety of activities daily with your children (school activities, indoor play, outside play, active play and quiet activities)

~Model doing a little bit of everything in front of your child: play, learn, exercise, rest, eat healthy foods

~Praise your child for demonstrating a balance lifestyle

~Visit many different places to learn: libraries, museums, nature trails and nature preserves, parks, Historical Parks

~Explore different hobbies: yoga, jogging, knitting, cards, marbles, collecting stickers

Creating Balance in our Lives

IB Learner Profile- Balanced

Story Time

Petunia by Roger Duvoisin

Petunia, thinking she has a book must make her full of wisdom, proceeds to tall the other farm animals what they should do. A hilarious story that takes a peek into the concept of ego and how we need to maintain a balance of being humble amongst others, no matter if we know more than they do or not…..as is the case with this silly goose.
Petunia- The Classic Children's Book by Roger Duvoisin
The Hard Times Jar.mov

IB Attributes: Trailblazers

Research one of these famous trailblazers and examine the way that they were able to exemplify the attribute of balance in a positive way.
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