Team 13 News

January 23, 2015

The Penny Wars Are Back!

Some of you may recall, last year grade 3 won the "First Seylar Penny War". The third grade team of teachers had fun dacing with a giant chicken (Mr. Roe in costume) on stage--"The Chicken Dance". It was quite something to see! I would LOVE to see Mr. Ehrmann ride a tricyle this year! We have been encouraged to remind students to bring in their loose pennies to help purchase new playground equipment. Mr. Roe has "sweetened the deal". Students (K-3) will get to pick out a treat from the cafeteria for dessert. Grades 4 and 5 are trying to earn any seat they choose in the cafeteria. To date, $127 has been raised towards this cause. Fifth grade currently leads the race, and grade 3 is in 4th place. Get ready MR. Ehrmann!

Book Club Progress

At the conclusion of the second marking period, we are seeing quite a transformation of our once "primary" third graders. They are morphing into intermediate students as the years progresses. A noticable improvement has been made with fluency, comprehension skills, and the transfer of our focus skills to the students' own reading.

This week our focus skill alligned with Reading Street was "drawing a conclusion". Students have learned to do this, they use facts from the text to generate their own idea or conclusion.

Study Island

All students have been given a login for Study Island. Students took the math "prestest" in the lab as a class earlier this school year. This week, all students received a Ribbon Record Game Board. I am asking students to color in a game-board space as they earn the ribbon for each subcatagory. I can access the class as a whole, and monitor each student's progress. I plan to collect this gameboards next Friday, January 30th, to sign off on their progress. When the gameboards are completed the students will earn some type of celebration--grade 3 teachers are still cooking this up. On Monday, our math department will be learning how to access some of the other features available to educators on Study Isand, for example assigning a homework task online. Stay tuned!

Dates To Remember

  • No school this Monday, January 26th-Teacher Inservice
  • There will be strings lessons on Tuesday, January 27th
  • Recorder use will begin in music class on Thursday, February 5th
  • Students have been instructed on how to access and use the online study tool : Study Island, please encourage them to utilize this tool--its use will be checked beginning next week. I will monitor the earning of blue ribbons, which idicates a "proficent" score on a subtest.