Genetically modified food to achieve certain traits


There are many benefits of GMF, one is how it helps combat world hunger because it makes it easier to grow food. Another benefit is it's medicinal benefits because some foods are utilized in production of vaccines and antibodies. Another benefit is to make products pest resistant thus eliminates the use of pesticides which cuts costs and gets rid of chemicals on the food. Yet another reason is fighting malnutrition by adding additional nutrients in the food.


Risks of GMF include a chance of an allergic reaction that wouldn't be caused from the original version of the food. Another reason is the genetically modified version of the food could outcompete the original and cause them to be extinct.

GMF labels

I believe GMF foods shouldn't be labeled as the benefits far outweigh the risks and it would just cause unnecessary confusion and conflict of people who don't know what they are only to assume the worst of them.