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After more then 30 years , it appears venerable pioneer 10 spacecraft has sent its last , very weak signal was received on 23rd of January 2003 . One final attempt was made to locate Pioneer's 10 signal on March 3-5 , 2006 but failed to receive a response detection of a carrier from the spacecraft.

Lift Off

Launched on 2 March 1972 , Pioneer 10mwas the first spacecraft to travel through the asteroid belt, and the first spacecraft to make direct observations and obtain close up images of Jupiter . Famed as the most remote object ever made by man through its mission , Pioneer 10 is now over 8 billion miles away from Earth

pioneer 11

Launched on 5th April 1973 Pioneer 11 followed its sister ship all the way to Jupiter (1974) made the first observation of Saturn (1979). The Pioneer mission ended 30th of September 1975 when the last transmission from the spaceship was received. There has been no communication ever since.

Pioneer 8

Pioneer 8 was launched on December the 13th 1967

Pioneer 9

Pioneer 9 was launched on 8th of November 1968

mission history

Pioneer 10 was launched on the 2nd of March 1972 on top of the Atlas/Centaur/TE364-4 launch vehicle .On 25th of July 1972 Pioneer 10 entered the Asteroid belt , A doughnut shaped area which measures 280 million kilometres wide and 80 million kilometres thick.The material in the belts travel at the speed of 20km/sec and ranges in size from dust particles and rock chunks as big as Alaska . During the passage by Jupiter, pioneer 10 obtained the first close-up images of the planet , charted Jupiter's Intense radiation belts , located the planet's magnetic fields , and discovered that Jupiter is a liquid planet.

scientific instruments

This is a list of the scientific instruments they had on board during Pioneer 10 -11

Pioneer 10 Instrument

Pioneer 10 Instruments

Helium Vector Magnetometer

Plasma Analyser

Charged Particle Instrument

Cosmic Ray Telescope

Geiger Tube Telescope

Trapped Radiation Detector

Meteoroid Detector (ENC)(F)

Asteroid-Meteoroid Experiment (ENC)(F)

Ultraviolet Photometer

Imaging Photopolarimeter (ENC)

Infrared Radiometer (F)

Pioneer 11

The Pioneer 11 mission Instruments are the same except they added a Flux-Gate Magnetometer. As the spacecraft continued to declined , Instruments had to be turned off