Let's Do Some Science!!!

Jessica Martinez

Organic Compounds

There are four organic compounds:

  • Lipids- Used to store energy and provide insulation

Examples: Fats and Oils

  • Nucleic Acids- Strore and transmits genetics

Examples: DNA and RNA

  • Carbohydrates- This is the main source of energy. It is used for structual purposes in plants

Examples: Pastas and Bread

  • Proteins- Used for structual purposes in plants

Examples: Daily's

Our Living Charcteristics

In order for us to be living, we have to have this things:

  • "Basic unit of life" which is cells. You must have at least 1 cell
  • Must maintain internal balance called Homeostacis
  • Heredity is to reproduce or to pass on traits either asexual or sexual
  • You have to change over time which is Evolution
  • Interdependence is depending on others to survive. We depend on animals and plants to eat
  • We all need some type of Energy to survival and growth.