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Dear Parents,

Your reader checked out for the first time this week! Kindergarten checked out 1 book this first time. Once they bring their first book back, they will check out 2 books at a time. Here are a couple of tips for helping them be better "checker-outers":

  • Kindergartners will come to library with their classes and your teacher will let you know when library day is coming. Please help your little one remember to bring back their books. They will have a lot more fun checking out with their friends.
  • Water bottles are a book's worst enemy! We lose more books to water damage than any thing else. Help keep them safe and dry!
  • We do not charge for late books, however we do charge for missing or damaged books. Information is on the library website.

We will have a great year in the library. I look forward to watching your reader grow and bloom!

Diana Ellis