Rosie's Bling Against Bullying

A Chloe + Isabel fundraiser

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Rosie is hosting this fundraiser to raise money for the David's Legacy Foundation in honor of her extraordinary niece, Isabella.

What is the David's Legacy Foundation?

The David's Legacy Foundation is an organization dedicated to raising awareness to cyberbullying and cyber abuse. They are working on implementing David's Law which would make cyberbullying a punishable offense in the state of Texas.

How Do You Participate in the Fundraiser?

Go to and make a purchase. That's it! 20% of all sales will be donated to the David's Legacy Foundation in Isabella's name. You can shop the fundraiser until 8:59pm PST October 31st.

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How else can you help?

The start of the end of bullying starts with us, the adults. We need to teach our children that our differences are what makes us special + unique. We need to teach our children to be kind to everyone by modeling kind behavior ourselves. We need to teach our children what to say if they see someone being bullied like “that's not okay,” “stop” and “I'm going to get an adult for help.”

In addition to talking to our children about bullying and being kind ourselves, we can write to our local legislators about bullying. Check out the David's Legacy Foundation website for tips.

Thank you from your C+I Merchandiser

Hi, I'm Natalie. I met Rosie last year when Matthew was in the same pre-kindergarten class as my daughter. After several playdates, I now consider Rosie a wonderful friend. After hearing Isabella's story, I knew I wanted to help in some way. I am so thankful to Rosie for allowing me to help fight the battle against bullying. And a huge thanks to everyone shopping this fundraiser. We are doing this for our princess, Izzy!