All About Otters

by Ava Johnson


What has whiskers and is threatened? An Otter! Otters are water loving mammals. Otters have very unique body features, eating habits, and habitats.

Body Features

One body feature ,is their long streamline body. Otters have a broad ,flat tails. Some people think otters ,but they actually have fur. their size is 76-91 cm and they weigh 5-15 kg.

Eating habits

Otters are carnivores. Their favorite food is fish. Otters main diet is fish, crabs, and frogs. They also eat urchins, clams, and snails. Otters eat approximately 25% of their weight.
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Otters are found mostly in Alaska. They can also be found in Japan, Russia, Canada, California, and Washington. Otters are usually found around the coast of these places. those are the places they live.


Otters are interesting creatures. One interesting feature is their streamline body. I hope you keep researching Otters.