Ancient Chinese Warfare

Ancient China had very strong armies. By:AlexC.

Ancient Chinese Millitary&Warfare

Ancient China had a great need for power. The first millitary activity recorded was with the Xia dynasty in 2000BC. This civilization has been in many wars with them selves and with others, such as when China formed city's and states in around 6000BC they would try to conquer one another. By later times B.C. age The got more sophisticated with war. ➡️Shang Yang➡️

Shang Yang

Shang Yang came to be a court afficial in 361bc. He ruled for two decades and during that time he made big political changes such as legalism, he was the person whom created/made legalism a normal practice (this ruler did not tolerate political opposition). Another thing that he did was strenghtened the millitary and made it more ruthless.

Warring states

Ancient Chinese States

During the warring period China was divided into the warring states, the states were called Qin, Chu, Qi, Yan, Wie, Yue, and Zhao. This period lasted from 475bc to 221bc. In this time Kings were fighting to keep power and order. The Qin state and had one of the most violent rulers. In war Qin was ruthless and same with peacemaking.