Matapu School Newsletter

Term 3, Week 3, 13th August 2021

Calendar - Please note some new dates added & further information for events will be sent home closer to the date if required.

  • Friday 27th August - Daffodil Day
  • Friday 3rd September - Teachers' Only Day
  • Wednesday 8th September - Wig Wednesday for Child Cancer Foundation
  • Friday 10th September - School Cross Country
  • Monday 13th - Friday 17th September - Maori Language Week
  • Friday 17th September - Grandparents' Day
  • Wednesday 29th September - Taranaki Champs' Cross Country
  • Friday 1st October - Matapu Preschool Pet Day
  • Friday 1st October - Last day of Term 3
  • Monday 18th October - Term 4 starts
  • Thursday 21st October - Pet Day

Principal's Weekly Update

RAISE Goal: to be considerate of others

Te reo phrase of the week: kia ngawari o ringa (Gentle hands)

Kia ora,

Today ends another successful week at Matapu School. Yesterday we took our year 7/8 netball and rugby teams to compete in their respective tournaments; Hurlstone Trophy (netball) and McLeod Shield (rugby). Our students did so well with both teams winning all of their games! The netball team has progressed through to the semi finals while the rugby team will play their final before a Taranaki Bulls game on the 18th September. A massive well done to all of our students and a big thank you to Megan Horgan (netball) and Jason Hurley (rugby) for coaching our teams and running practises to get them ready for the big day.

To top it all off, I attended the WITT Science and Technology prize giving on Wednesday night, where seven of our students received awards! A big congrats to them and our hard working teachers in the senior team. It is fantastic to see their efforts rewarded. Please find the students’ individual results further on in the newsletter.

Security Cameras

Due to vandalism over the past year, we recently installed security cameras around the school. All of them are in exterior locations apart from one that is in the office. In regards to behaviour, the security camera footage will only be accessed for serious incidents, where it will be viewed by our privacy officer. Please take the time to read through our guidelines by logging into our School Docs account (details below) and searching for security surveillance guidelines.

School Policy Review

As part of our school’s commitment to self-review, the following policies are currently under review:

  • Behaviour Management

  • Concerns and Complaints

Please login to the school’s School Docs account to complete reviews of these policies.

Matapu School’s login details are as follows:


Username: Matapu

Password: lifelonglearning

Have a wonderful weekend.

Ngå mihi nui

James Willson

Values Awards

Room 1 - Isaac for doing his best to learn new class routines.

Room 2 - Paxton for showing ambition and asking for help with your learning.

Room 3 - Levi for putting in an awesome effort with your learning.

Room 4 - Sivarah for being a fantastic helper! You always offer to do extra to help others and make our class run smoothly. Ka Pai!

Room 5 - Jett for integrity and reliability.

Room 6 - Kyle for your wonderful efforts to keep your learning going at home! Go Kyle!

WITT Taranaki Science and Technology Fair

The following entries from our school won prizes in the 2021 WITT Taranaki Science and Technology Fair.

Molly Fletcher

Level: 8 Entry: Scientific Investigation "Pointe your toes"

Prize: Merit STDC prizes for Environmental projects from South Taranaki District schools

Milla Jordan & Bobbie Baker

Level: 7 Entry: Scientific Investigation "Apple experiment"

Prize: Merit STDC prizes for Environmental projects from South Taranaki District schools

Toby Mellow

Level: 8 Entry: Scientific Investigation "Cold Air Balloon"

Prize: Merit STDC prizes for Environmental projects from South Taranaki District schools

Bethan Mulliss

Level: 8 Entry: Scientific Investigation "Splat The Rat!!!"

Prize: Second Prize STDC prizes for Environmental projects from South Taranaki District schools

Maddison Sturgeon & Jessica Lockley

Level: 8 Entry: Scientific Investigation "Do we need swim caps"

Prize: Merit STDC prizes for Environmental projects from South Taranaki District schools

James Willson

Level: 7 Entry: Scientific Photography

Prize: Merit Photographic Section, Year 7


Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi,

engari he toa takitini.

My strength is not as an individual,

but as a collective.


  • Can all netball uniforms please be returned to the office.
  • Room 1 would like any bottle tops collected and brought in please.


Hawera Touch Module at Turuturu Soccer Grounds will begin Week 8 of Term 3 (Thursday 16th September) every Thursday after school. We are organising teams from Years 0-8 and need you to fill in the attached Google Form by following the link below. The cost to register and play is $15 per child.

Click here to sign your child up for Touch. You will need to fill out individual forms for each child. Please fill in the form before Friday 27th of August.

Room 1

The students in Room One have been having a great time learning to use the new Dash Bots this week. Next week they will be taking them to Rooms 4 and 5 and teaching the students there how to use them. Look out for more photos in upcoming newsletters.

In maths this week we have been learning about Length, Capacity and Mass. You could help at home by talking to your child about measuring in grams, kilograms and tonnes. What would we use to measure the weight of a tractor; calf; coffee cup?

Bottle Tops: Can you please collect up and send as many bottle tops as you can find along to school. We would really appreciate all shapes and sizes.

Room 2

This week has seen Room 2 work really hard on their learning goals. For reading we have started using the reading laboratory kits to help with our comprehension. It is great to see the students focus on their learning goals.

We were very lucky on Tuesday afternoon to Zoom in with Gayle Broughton from the Black Ferns who just won Gold at the Tokyo Olympics. It was great to hear all about her experiences winning her gold medal. Thanks Mrs Hauparoa for organising this.

On Thursday, while Mr Willson took some of the year 7 and 8 students to McLeod Shield and Hurlstone Trophy in Hawera, the Room 1 students showed us how to use the Sphere Robots for coding. The kids enjoyed programming them to move through obstacles. We are excited to learn more with them.

Room 3

This week we have continued learning about rivers. We looked through photos of the Kapuni stream in flood, and how the land, banks and river looked after the flood. We focused on the different parts of a river, starting from the source of a river to the river mouth.
Mrs Martinez has been teaching in Room 3 since Wednesday. She was an exciting and fun teacher, we have loved having her at Matapu School!

Room 4

Room 4 have started work on our large scale topographic Taranaki Maunga. We have been very busy measuring, ruling, cutting, folding and gluing in the afternoons. Our cross country training is well underway with the students focussing on running a little bit further each day. We have been writing instructions for how to make and draw things this week. We even made our own ‘perfume’ with water and herbs.

Room 5

We have had another busy and fun week in Room 5. We concluded our Statistics unit by finding out what the most common eye colour is and then creating a bar graph. For writing, we have been focusing on making sure our full stops and capital letters are in the right spot - it does get tricky! We have also had lots of conversations about why each and every one of us is special and what talents and gifts we have that make us special. It was awesome to hear all the children believing and affirming each other. Our classroom is looking nice and bright as we finished off our Picasso pictures! Discussions about water continue - apparently the water stays up in the clouds because God holds it all up there!

Excitement is building as we are about to begin creating our BIG Taniwha - I wonder what it will look like when it is finished?... Watch this space.

Room 6

We were really lucky to have Sam take us for basketball this week- truly a highlight for us all. Even more exciting is knowing that we will have it again for a few more weeks to come!

Tuesday was a very frosty, almost icy, day at Matapu School and Room 6 went out to explore the ice in the morning. We had great fun picking it up, feeling it melt in our hands, and scrunching it into balls.

We wrote a class story, using our ‘hamburger’ outline.

“This morning we saw heaps of ice all around Room 6!

It felt bumpy, crunchy, freezing cold in my hands, slippery, wet, melty and so icy.

We love ice!

Northfuels Fuel for Schools

Fuel for Schools is a school sponsorship programme aimed at supporting rural schools throughout New Zealand.

As a Northfuels customer, you can nominate a participating school to receive 50 cents for every 100 litres of bulk fuel that you have delivered.

Freephone: 0800 999 986



We would like to take the time to mention who those members of the community are that are contributing to our school, they are listed as follows:

Western Heights Partnership

Clark and Everitt Partnership

M.R Cleaver Trust

Danza Trust

Sion Trust

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