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VIC News, November 10, 2020

Letter from the Coordinator

November 10, 2020

Hello amazing VIC Students/Families,

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day! This is not a scheduled school day, but we do recommend that you use the day to get caught up if needed. :) It is also a good time to think and reflect on those that have served to protect our freedoms. If you know someone who has served or does serve, please take a moment to thank them for that service. From all of us at VIC, thank you to the many parents, guardians, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and grandparents for your service.

As November is our month of gratitude, I wanted to start our newsletter by saying "THANK YOU" to all of you that have completed the Federal Impact Aid Form. Also, thank you to those of you that took the time to nominate our amazing VIC staff. This time of year I feel that there are always things that pop up, and we appreciate your help with this!

If you have not submitted your Federal Impact Aid Form through PowerSchool, or you are having issues with your login, or have questions, please email Mrs. Devaughn at or call 520-879-1303.

Another huge thank you to the K-5 parents for all of your work this week in helping us collect minutes for each of your children. We appreciate your help with the spreadsheet so we can report that data to the state.

Also, please consider donating for our annual Canned Food Drive or using the link to donate or dropping off gift cards or non-perishable items to the VIC. The goal is to bring in an equivalent of 100 cans. We have 25 cans so far. We only need 75 more by 11/15/20. Please see the flyer below for information. We CAN do it. ;)

Thank you and have a great week!

Rachel Tankersley

Coordinator of Digital Learning

Vail Innovation Center K-12


Upcoming End Dates and Pacing Chart Icons - CyberWolves Finishing CyberStrong!

Hello 6-12 Students,

Remember to keep a close eye on your upcoming end dates. We are more than half way through the courses for many of you. Are you on pace to finish by your end dates?

Dark green = ahead of pace (1 or more activities ahead)

Light green = on pace (within 1 activity of the expected pace)

Orange = slightly off pace (1 or 2 activities behind)

Pink = Way off pace (3 or more activities behind)

It's time to plan on getting to the finish line for many of your classes. Let's finish CyberSTRONG!

Thank you,

The Vail Innovation Center Team

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Vail Innovation Center Tutoring Opportunities

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The 2020-2021 School Calendar

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K-5 Student Recognitions

K-5 Students of the Month for November

Information for Science or Engineering Projects for the VIC Science Fair

VIC students,

Are you interested in completing a science or engineering project for Science Fair this year? This year's fair is going to be completely virtual and details are available at

If you are looking for assistance or guidance on selecting a topic or need questions answered about how to plan, conduct and present your research, please contact Ms. Goldwasser at

Sharon Goldwasser, M.S.

VIC middle school science

Grades 6-12 Kudos Corner

We would like to send a KUDOS out for the following students. Keep your eye out for next weeks KUDOS Corner to see who is recognized next.

Mrs. Garcia; recognizes Lillian Giron who has been working hard to work through course material and show proficiency! Keep it up, Lillian. Sarai Grisby advocates for herself, asks questions, and strives to understand the material and grow as a learner. Way to go, Sarai! Dylin Utsey has been taking time to work through tutorials and show mastery. Nicely done, Dylin!

Mrs. Goldwasser; recognizes Isaac Catron (6th grade) and Adelina Bohnsack (8th grade). Both of these students responded to feedback about course activities with such positive attitudes and attention to specific comments so that when their final products were submitted they were polished, thorough and of outstanding quality.

Mrs. Goolsby; congratulations to Gregory Olsen for putting in twice the work to raise his scores in German 2. Not an easy task. Great job Gregory!

Mrs. Logsdon; recognizes Ethan Rogers, in 6th grade Language Arts class for being ahead of schedule, and working his very best!

Mrs. Lotti; recognizes the following students for being ahead of pace: Nathan Mandel, Lynette Kioko, Ainslie Lowe, Julian SantaCruz, Jaclyn Utsey, Eric Saffioti, Seth Rico, and Nathan Daschke.

Mrs. Whitt; good job to Angelo Coronado for being totally caught up and ON PACE in math class! :)

Mrs. Nunes; recognizes the following students from grade 6th-12th who are on pace or ahead of pace in their classes:

6th grade; Allison Blanset, Brian Best

7th grade; Jacob Balsa, Joseph Pederson

8th grade; Miles Breen, Brayden Gugelman

9th grade; Aaron Dixon, Autumn O'Brien

10th grade; Ava Berwanger, Enrico Dimambro

11th grade; Jace Boren, Vanessa Kelley

12th grade; Luke Belhumeur, Jared Kemp


Students in 6-12: Here is a Edmentum Tutorial with tips and tricks. Please watch.

6-12 End of Semester Test Procedures

Hello VIC students, parents, and staff,

Testing procedures are being revised for the remainder of the school year. Please read the information provided below.

At this time we are going to continue to have students take their final exams from home. When scheduling and taking your exam from home you are agreeing to follow all of the testing policies and procedure requirements mentioned below. We will strictly adhere to these guidelines.

How to schedule your exam:

  1. Students will need to use the link on their Teacher Approval letter to schedule their final. The final times will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at either 9 a.m. or 12:00 p.m.

** Please remember testing will be done from HOME, so you will not be testing at the VIC. You MUST fill out the GoogleForm completely to schedule your time.

  1. We highly encourage parent(s) or guardian(s) to proctor and support you during your exam. Things for you to keep in mind:

    1. During the exam you may only use a 4x6 notecard to write any notes you may need for the test.

    2. Students should plan to spend up to two hours to complete their exam.

  2. After you complete your final exam, you must take a screenshot of your browser history showing your testing time. This will be sent to your teacher for them to approve your credit for the course. *If you do not send your history, your final will be invalidated and you will receive an “F” on your transcript.

Once your final is scheduled with all of the appropriate information we will unlock the exam for you remotely. By scheduling and taking your exam from home you are agreeing to follow all of the testing policies and procedure requirements from above. Please be sure to read them carefully so you are in compliance with the policies to keep your final exam results valid.

Thank you,

The VIC Team

If you have any questions or concerns, please email one of the following:

Rachel Tankersley- Coordinator of Digital Learning

Julie Devaughn- Online Office Specialist

Amanda Schock- Paraprofessional

Senior Exit Project (SEP) Information Update

Hello Seniors,

Please remember that due to Veteran's Day tomorrow, your SEP research paper and related documents (Shadowing/non-shadowing assignments) are due this Thursday, November 12th by 5:00PM. Again, please remember to attach ALL required documents. You can either email your work to Mr. Ogden or Ms. Wrona or drop off hard copies at the VIC. Also on the 12th, Mr. Ogden will be at the VIC for Office Hours so if you need any questions answered or help with the upcoming eportfolio/presentation this would be a good time to see me. One last thing, the end of the semester is right around the corner and this is not the time to be falling behind in your work.

A few upcoming dates and events that you need to know are:

1. SEP Research paper is due November 12th by 5:00pm. You can either submit a hardcopy to the VIC or a digital version online to me or Ms. Wrona.

2. Office Hours for November will be November 12th from 1:00 - 3:00pm at VIC.

We are attaching the link to the SEP Handbook which is posted on our VIC Website under the 6-12 Resources.

As always should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr. Arlo Ogden

Vail Innovation Center

Senior Exit Project Coordinator

Senior Advisor


FASFA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Seniors! It is time to start thinking about paying for college! The FAFSA is the best place to start. Let’s start with a little bit about what the FAFSA actually is. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid; translation: it determines a student's eligibility for need-based federal financial aid for college, which may include grants, scholarships, work-study and loans. If eligible, it can really help you pay for school!

Use this link to complete the FAFSA Application:

Carrie Wrona


Vail Innovation Center


Hustle into the Holidays Challenge starts 11/11/20 through 12/16/20

Empire SWAT is having wellness outreach events, as you know our event is a digital competition. It will be starting November 11th through December 16, 2020! It will be between

Empire high school students and staff and Vail Innovation Center students and staff to see who walks, runs, bikes etc. the greatest distance. Here is the student submission form and here is the teacher submission form for tracking. See the flyer below. Good luck!

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Social and Emotional Learning November Theme: Gratitude is GRAND

Here are some simple activities to help your focus on gratitude, appreciation to cultivate more joy. These are great reminders for us in the month of November.
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Important Flyers and Information

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**FREE GRAB & GO MEALS - UPDATE 11/10/20 **

Dear Vail Parents,

We are grateful to continue providing FREE breakfast and lunch to all children 18 and under. We are also continuing to offer free meals for weekends.

Upcoming Changes Starting the Week of November 9th Include:

  • Brick to Click and VIC Students - You can now pick up a seven day meal pack every Monday from 6:00-7:00 a.m. or 4:30-6:00 p.m.
  • Hybrid Students - Students can now pick up a four day meal pack on Wednesday for A schedule middle and high school students and Thursday for B schedule and elementary students as you leave campus that day.

Please see the attached calendar to see when meals can be picked up, and when they can be sent home with your students.

Please contact with any questions or concerns you may have.

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K-12 VIC Staff Contacts - Communication is Key


Please be sure you are reaching out to your teacher at any time to get support or ask questions. We are attaching our staff list showing teacher names and email addresses so you can easily contact your teacher. We are all here to help you succeed. Please plan enough time to hear back from your teacher within 24 hours.

Here is the link to our spreadsheet with all of the VIC teachers and their email.

"Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity."

— Nat Turner

Edmentum Tech Support

If you are having any technical troubles with your online class, please contact Edmentum:

Technical Support


Mon- Fri 4:30 am – 6:30 pm

Sat & Sun 6:00 am – 3:30 pm

Email: ​

Online: ​