Panther Power

by Claire Thompson

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Little mouse Climbs Mountain

The little mouse, Bob Butch is probably the most committed mouse you will ever meet. How do you do it? Climb Mount Clock every day spending longer and longer at the top?”says the reporter.

“Well, I do it because I love the view at the top of the mountain that I made a commitment to see it every day, climbing up before 1:00, and coming down when the chime wind blows,” says Bob.The next day I followed Bob up the steep slopes of Mount Clock and when we got to the top my breath was taken away. I saw the whole land of Mousearea and I have to say I would do it again if I wasn't so tired.

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Nessie's Cosion is Discovered

A little fish is swimming in a worm sea, then all of a sudden CHOMP!!!!! A 15 foot dinosaur just caught its next meal. This 170 million year old marine dinosaur fossil was found 50 years ago by D. Shawcross, on the isle of Skye in Scotland, and has been sitting in a museum unidentified until now. Archaeologists recently identified it as a new genus and species and part of the family of Ichthyosaurs. The person who identified it, named it Dearcmhara Shawcross. The Dearcmhara Shawcross is one, if not the first unique Scottish fossils ever found. Now according to archaeologists, the Dearcmhara Shawcross is actually not a dinosaur because dinosaurs didn't live in the water.

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Teenage Mutian Ninja Turtles!?

“A great movie.” one fan says “Best in a long time,” says another.

The movie everybody is talking about is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Movie critic, Claire Thompson, has given her review.

Its great. Its creative, Its amazing! The four fun loving, pizza eating , mutant turtles, help New York out with their ninja skills, and fighting the foot clan and being trained by a giant rat named Master Splinter. When they think they've won, Splinters arch-rival The Shredder shows up and fights. The turtles are no match! The rest of the movie you will have to find out for yourself. Will Leonardo, Raphael ,Michelangelo, and Donatello save New York, and April O’neal, or will they fall to the hands of THE SHREDDER?

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) Official Trailer - Live Action Movie HD