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A weekly update from Carleton Middle School.

Counselor Appreciation Week

This week is "National School Counselor's Week." We want to take a few moments to highlight the incredible work of Ms. Lane and Ms. Lenz, our outstanding counselors at Carleton.

Our counselors help your children transition to middle school and to high school, ensure they have a complete and accurate schedule, make sure our standardized testing (NWEA, WIDA, M-STEP) are handled in an efficient and professional manner, offer assistance during "Counselor on a Cart" Wednesdays in our cafeteria, and lead our "Hero in the Hallway" program. They also continuously reach out to various organizations (in the district, county, and state) to make sure our students have the support they need to be emotionally, socially, and academically successful. New this year, they (along with Ms. Sefcovic - our teacher consultant) have identified several students that struggle with organization and would benefit from an extra set of "eyes" on them and are beginning to meet with several students during our half days.

Ms. Lane and Ms. Lenz are critical to our building and help both students and staff on a regular basis. I am appreciative of all they do for our school, and feel fortunate to work with them on a daily basis. On behalf of our entire community, I wish them a "Happy National Counselor's Week."

Volunteers Needed

Are you looking for a way to help out at school? Mrs. Hardy is looking for help running the book fair March 10th - March 16th.

This link has an easy sign up for the times that are needed.

Volunteers make a difference.

We need help to pull off our best Book Fair ever! Even an hour of your time would help. Sign up now!

Mrs. Hardy will be giving anyone who covers a shift a discount. Please sign up to help! You can email Mrs. Hardy,, if you have any questions. If you know of anyone else that would be interested, please spread the word!


Congratulations to all of the young ladies who attended our girl's basketball tryouts. Every young lady that showed up to tryouts gave it their all and should be proud. For those ladies that did not make the team, players that were cut from the 7th grade team in every school work hard and make the 8th grade team, the same is true for those cut from the 8th grade team making the Freshman team so keep working hard. For those ladies that did make the team congratulations. Your Lady Colts are:

7th grade

Lexi Bommarito

Kamrynn Burton

Hannah Dawood

Batul Elias

Elizabeth Gyani

Meena Hanna

Alexia Jadan

Keira Jamil

Mandy Makulski

Mia Mixon

Claire Muehlbrandt

Abeer Shafo

Kayla Smith

Crystal Stokes

Taylor Trost

8th Grade

Amanda Amevor

Katherine Blankenship

Molly Clark

Eliza Davis

Emma Greco

Mirna Hambarsoom

Brianna Howard

Jasmine Kesto

Maria Livi

Genevieve Meyers

Beverly Nkwani

Gabriella Noah

Janelle Toma

Abigail Viviano

Evita Yousif

We would also like to congratulate all of the band members who participated in the solo and ensemble this past weekend. Out of 22 Events, 20 Events Earned First Division, Superior Ratings. Great job guys and gals. We look forward to hearing you in the coming years and have no doubt that we'll see some of you on stage (or in a musical pit) continuing to be successful musicians and showing off your hours of hard work and dedication.

Solo & Ensemble Participants:

Genevieve Myers

Ryan Kovacs

Jacob Miazek

Alex Kovacs

Salvatore Mazzola

Kelsey Mills

Michael Hudzik

John Schultz

Sania Bashir

Ashleigh Dobbin

Sabrina Mohler

Fara Stanczak

Allison Lee

Mia Mixon

Madisyn Ellis

Madison Snooks

Ryan Campagna

Chad Blanco

Chester Lagman

Dahnna Holliman

Olivia Favazza

Richard Ringl

Nathan Bennett

Events for Your Calendar

February 6 - Booster Club Meeting - 6pm, Media Center

February 8 - Student Count Day - Please avoid unnecessary absences this day

February 8 - SHHS freshmen introduction - 7pm in the SHHS Cafeteria

February 9 - Vision Screening (Students must wear their glasses/contacts on the day of screening).

February 10 - JET Theatre presents "WORD"

February 16 - Extravaganza - 3-4:30pm

February 17 - Half Day (Dismissal at 11am)