The Monkey and the Squirrel

Remy Newgent

One day there was a monkey and a squirrel. They didn’t know each other that well but later that day they would become best friends. Later that day when the monkey was just in a tree minding his own business, but he saw there was a squirrel that was in trouble. He was being attacked by a tiger. So the monkey had to think fast. When he got the idea, he got a stick and swooped down from the tree then stabbed the tiger. The tiger looked down at his feet. So that gave the squirrel enough time to escape the tiger. But later the monkey was stuck in a tree. 10 feet in front of him was a snake. The squirrel had gotten there just in time. He thought of and idea. Since it was a loose branch that the snake and the monkey were standing on, he told the monkey to move really fast. Then he threw the rock at the branch and the snake fell into water. They realized that if it wasn't for their teamwork they would both be dead.

Theme: Treat others the way you want to be treated.
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