My top six travel destinations


About Myself

I enjoy traveling to different destinations all over the world. I mainly enjoy traveling and touring islands. My top three favorite islands are Hawaii (USA), Maderia (Portugal) and the Roatan islands in Honduras. I picked these islands because they have the best natural views (rich sands, palm trees, grassy fields and plants, beaches etc). They also have a variety of activities to participate in such as Scuba diving, quad-biking, jet-skiing etc. Finally, they contain lots of beautifully luxurious resorts to stay at which offer top quality service.


Australia is one of my top destinations because of the variety of activities available. For example touring 'The Kimberleys' in Western Australia to view their mountain ranges and beautiful waterfalls. Another example would be visiting the 'Gold Coast' in south-eastern Queensland to go surfing with friends or even jet-skiing out on the beach. The 'Gold Coast' is also popular for its nightlife in top quality resorts.


Brazil is an excellent country to visit, for me, because of my interest in sports such as Futsal and soccer. The Brazilian soccer team is my favorite because they play in a unique and interesting style which attracts me to them more than any other team. The facilities available for playing soccer are very professional and enjoyable- which also attracts me to this country.


Germany is one of my favorite tourist destinations because of its beautiful nature. For example, touring the 'Altmuhl Valley' and the 'Arnsberg Forest' which extend from Western to Eastern Germany and are full of beautiful scenes such as flower and plant fields, lakes and rivers, valleys and mountains as well as different types of trees. The colorful nature stands out to me as well, flowers and plants of all colors can be seen ranging from blue, green, red, and many more.
► Brazil 2013 - Road To Rio (world cup 2014)

Brazilian Soccer Team

In this video, the Brazilian team shows why i enjoy visiting Brazil to especially watch them play. They have both skill and teamwork, which makes their team very entertaining to watch.