8th Grade Literacy

Welcome to the 2013-14 school year!

Mrs. Gelder

*12th year in Education

*Teacher and Counselor


Formative- 30%

Ex: Interactive Student Notebooks or daily practice

Summative- 70%

Ex: Quizzes, Tests, Projects, and Book Reports

Common Core State Standards for English and Language Arts



How will you show responsibility this school year?


I will treat you with respect, so you will know how to treat me.

What will respect look like in this class?

Late Work Policy

You have until the moment before a summative exam to turn in formative work. After this point, it will not be accepted for credit.

When you are absent, please ask a classmate or borrow my notebook to find out what you missed! You have twice as long as you were gone to make-up work.

Second Chance Assessments

The goal for you, as a student, is to meet all common core state standards for English Language Arts. What we should all be focused on is learning, which is demonstrated to me through quizzes, tests, projects, book reports, etc. You may elect to re-take portions or an entire assessment if you feel you will do better. In order to do so, there is additional work to complete and the test will be different and more difficult than the first. Talk to me if you have questions or wish to take advantage of this opportunity.

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Guidelines for Student Behavior

1. You may engage in any behavior that does not create a problem for you or anyone else.

2. If you find yourself with a problem, you may solve it by any means that does not cause a problem for anyone else.

3. You may engage in any behavior that does not jeapordize the safety or learning of yourself or others.

4. If you can't solve your problem, or choose not to, I will do something.

5. What I do will depend on the special person and the special situation.

6. If you feel something is unfair, whisper to me, "I am not sure that is fair, " and we will talk.

8th Grade Language Arts GLE/ Common Core State Standards

This year you will work towards mastery of the GLEs. These are posted around the room and you will have a checklist to keep.

It is my responsibility to teach and your responsibility to learn; let's get to work!


1. Interactive student notebook

2. Writing utensils

3. Folder