By: Kylie Duncan

What is an elephant?

An elephant lives on land and one of the largest animals.

What does the elephant look like?

African elephants have dark gray skin, ears width is 4 feet and have tusks. They also have no bumps on its forehead. Asian elephants have light gray skin and sometimes have pink or white spots. It has two humps on its forehead just above the ears. Asian elephants ears are typically have the size of the African elephants. They both have very long tusks.

Where do elephants live?

African elephants live only in south of the Sahara in Africa. Asian elephants live in forests and jungles of Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

What does an elephant eat?

Elephants eat grass, roots, water plants, and the leaves, and the fruit of trees and shrubs. Elephants favorite kinds of fruits are bamboo, berries, coconuts, corn, dates, plums, and sugar cane. They also eat bark and branches, and rip them off with there tusks.

What are the different types of elephants? Describe them

The different types of elephants are the African elephants and Asian elephants (also known as Indian elephants) African elephants are the larger of the two different types of elephants. Some Asian elephants are called makhnas, if they have no tusks. There are two different types of African elephants. They are forest elephants and bush elephants, also known as savanna elephants.