Romeo and Juliet are Responsible

Brittney Beaver


Although other people were involved in this tragedy, Romeo and Juliet were responsible for their own deaths. Soon after they met, Romeo and Juliet were both obsessed over each other. Juliet would even rather have her parents dead, than Romeo. After the fight between Romeo and Tybalt, "'Why follow'd not, when she said 'Tybalt's dead', thy father, or thy mother, nay, both'" This quote confirms Juliet's unnecessary, over the top devotion to her new husband, Romeo. By saying this, her love is only growing stronger, leading to their deaths. The intense compassion for each other caused their suicides. They both thought that they would join each other after death, where there is no family feud. Juliet was found in the tomb, "'...but as it seems, did violence on herself'" When Juliet woke up from her fake death, she saw that Romeo killed himself because he thought that she was actually dead. She then continued to stab herself, and "join" Romeo.
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Titanic and Romeo and Juliet Comparisson

Despite other deadly factors being involved, Rose Bukater and Jack Dawson can be held responsible for their deaths. In the movie Titanic, Rose Bukater and Jack Dawson meet each other on a cruise ship. And just like Romeo and Juliet, they quickly fell in love. They wanted to spend their lives together, but a life threatening crash to an iceberg changed their futures. Trying to make it out alive, they found a large board of broken off wood from the ship when it sank, and Jack let Rose settle on it until help came. Considering the size of the board, they both could've fit on it without sinking and would make it out alive when help finally came, but possibly in the state of shock and confusion, they both thought that Jack had to stay in the water while Rose stayed on the board so that at least one person would stay alive. This shows that even though other factors were involved that caused Jack's death at the end of the movie due to freezing to death, the blame can be put more on him and Rose. Romeo and Juliet can be interpreted in the same way. Both Romeo and Juliet died from intentional harm on themselves and it could've been controlled in a better way so they wouldn't have died.
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Romeo and Juliet Sonnet

Few hours passed, already deep in love

14 and 17, and in a feud

A little marriage won't hurt a lone dove

But when it's Paris, it can be so crude

Instead of honesty, they planned a death

Oh, some did not know it was a planned fake

And only two knew of the plan's depth

A letter was sent for the husband's sake

The letter did not reach, causing despair

Upon discovery, poison settled

And when the wife saw, she took a near spear

Life after death without feud mattered

Life or death in their hands, they seem at fault

The choice of no life seemed the best for them