6th Grade Technology

By: Mike Harrison

Typing Web

  • We start every class with five minutes of typing.
  • You have to pass the sentences section before the end of first quarter.
  • If you pass the Intermediate course then you get on the top typists board.


  • Everbody gets to make your own trailer for a iMovie.
  • You can put anything you want in the movie.
  • It was a lot of fun because you could be very creative!

Haiku Deck

  • You had to create a haiku deck that explained your job.
  • It was fun because you got to learn more about your dream job!
  • Also you got to learn about your college.

Explain Everything

  • In this project you created an explain everything and solved a math problem in it.
  • It was fun because if math is fun to you then you got to use it!
  • You get to pick from a variety of math problems.

Career Locker

  • In this website you got to learn a lot about your dream job and school.
  • You took surveys about what you learned.
  • This website also shows you more options of jobs that you might want to do.


  • In the coding unit you get to learn how to code.
  • It is very fun because you get to try coding flappy bird and other things!
  • But you have to get to a certain level in the coding to get a good grade.