A Day in The Dominican Republic

By: Morgan Brown and Jill Myron


Country's Currency- Dominican Peso($0.02 in US dollars).

Main Language spoken- Most people speak Spanish.

Weather in the Country- These are tropical temperatures and there are some very rainy months (May-August and November-December). During those months there can also be hurricanes!!

Literacy Rate-90%

Population-10,258,000 people

Dominican Peso

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Dominican Food

They have a dish called Sancocho. It is a thick soup with meat and veggies. It is quite delicious I might say. Another dish is Kipes (or quipes). It is a deep fried bugler (ground beef, spices, and vegetables) roll. There is also Flan, a dessert that is caramel like in color. This dish is a widely popular dessert in the Dominican culture.

Landform: Pico Duarte

One great landform here is Pico Duarte. It's a mountain which soars more than 10,000 ft. high. It is the highest peak in the carnbion. It is located in the west-central portion of the country.

First Popular City: Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is on the southern end of the Dominican Republic. The population is around 965,040 people.

First Place to visit: Cathedral Primada de America

Description- This Roman Catholic Cathedral was set in 1514 by Diego Columbus, son of the famous explorer, Christopher Columbus. The most impressive features are the vaulted ceilings and the 14 interior chapels. It stood for 4 decades until it was knocked down in 1573 and replaced by Catedral Metropolio. It was later rebuilt and is standing today. Shorts and tank tops are strictly prohibited.

Second Place to visit: Agora Mall

Description- A good place to visit and spend and a variety of shops , banks, and restaurants. Also there is a great parking area and its great to walk around. There is good security. There is also a gaming zone with bowling, laser tag, arcade, etc.. This is one of the places in the Dominican Republic that you just have to go to.

Second Popular City: Santiago de los Caballeros

Santiago de los Caballeros is in the north-central region of the Dominican Republic. It is the second largest city here with a population of 691,262 people.

First Place to Visit: Las Colinas Mall

Description- There are lots of the needs you have and it has places to eat and drink too. There is even a movie theater! There are other things that would be in a mall, like ATM machines. It is located 1.4 miles north of Downtown Santiago de los Caballeros. There slogon is "Las Colinas Mall, what you seek you will find it."

Second Place to Visit: Monumento de Santiago

Description- It was built in the honor of the beginning of the despot Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. The monument is located in the middle of Santiago, on a hill. The monument was eight-story's high and was originally built by Trujillo to celebrate him, but then was rededicated to honor the Dominican Soldiers that fought the last war against Spain. Bronze statues were built around the monument to celebrate the generals. It is often visited by primary-schoolers. You can go on the top of the monument by using an elevator and view the city.

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