Ferdinand Magellan

Does Ferdinand Magellan make a shorter route to Asia?

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Ferdinand Magellan Information

Ferdinand Magellan wanted to travel to Asia and make a shorter route. First, Ferdinand lived in northern Portugal. He asked to make a shorter route to Asia, but King Manuel I denied him because he said we already had a easy route to Asia. Soon, Ferdinand moved to Spain and married a spanish women. He then asked King Charles V, he said he will bring back valuable stuff back. King Charles accepted Ferdinand Magellan offer.

Ferdinand Magellan's Family

At the age of 10, both of Ferdinand's parents died. Ferdinand had to have education so he was appointed as queen's messenger in the royal court. At the royal court he learned about explorers and that's when he wanted to become an explorer.

Ferdinand's First Voyage

Since King Charles V gave Ferdinand Magellan permission to try and make a shorter route to Asia. He was sailing to Asia on August 15, 1519, he had 5 ships with more than 260 men. On December 15, 1519, Ferdinand's ships landed on the coast of present-day Brazil. The people in Brazil traded delicious food with Ferdinand and his fellows. Now they continued sailing. they found seven bays and rivers but no straits to go to Asia.
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Ferdinand Magellan continues his first voyage

On November 28, 1520 Ferdinand´s ships made it though the Strait of Magellan. Ferdinand was sailing through a body of water he had never seen. He had no idea that this was the South Sea discovered by Spanish con-kee-stah-dor conquistador. A guy named Vasco Nuńéz de Balboa discovered it and called it South Sea. But, Ferdinand named it Pacific because it was super peaceful.

Ferdinand Magellan Dies :(

On March 16, 1521 Ferdinand landed in the Philippines, happily. He found many friendly natives. But sadly, Ferdinand an island galled Mactan with 60 men (more then 200 died!). They were attacked by a tribe of 1,500 men! Ferdinand was stabbed seven times and then died. :(

Last Goodbye

On September 6, 1522 one of all of 5 ships made it back to Spain safely. The voyage took about 3 years! Ferdinand's expectation was to be the first to sail completely around the world.

Question to Ferdinand Magellan

How old was Ferdinand Magellan when he died?

Ferdinand lived 1480-1521. So Ferdinand was 41 when he died.

Point of View -Beginning of life

Hi, I'm Ferdinand Magellan. I had a very tough life. My parents died and I was only 10 years old. The good news is that I went to the royal court and learned about explorers, and if I didn't learn about that I wouldn't be one. I was upset when King Manuel denied me. But I was determined to make a shorter route to Asia. So I moved to Spain and married a spanish women and also, King Charles accepted me for making a shorter route. But, I had to bring back valuable stuff. This was only the beginning of my life, it was tough.