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December 2012

This month's Check it out and Win! winner is... Shannon Perna. Shannon wins a copy of What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell, the author of The Tipping Point.

New Technology for HSS

Next year we will have some funds available to us for technology. We will have approximately $15 000, however, we can also choose to "bank" some or all of this money to combine with the next time we get our Evergreen Fund money (which is every two years).

In a brief meeting with Rosalee, Jason, and Lenora, we discussed possible uses for the money and thought we should bring it to staff for suggestions and comments. We are looking for feedback on how to spend, or if we should spend, this money. If you have a suggestion we would like to know how you would use the technology you are suggesting. For example, if you think we should purchase an iPad lab, how, specifically, would you use this device with your students?

Some suggestions we compiled:
  • portable iPad lab - camera and video capabilities
  • portable iPod lab - camera and video capabilities
  • replacement and additional computers to make room 29 a "complete" lab and for the library to have at least 15 updated computers
  • portable laptop lab
  • Apple tvs
  • document projectors

Please email your comments and suggestions to all three of us.

New in the Library

The Freedom Writers Diary: Teacher's Guide - by Erin Gruwell
This teacher's guide accompanies the book and movie, both of which are available in the library.

The War to End All Wars: World War I - by Russell Freedman
A great book that includes a nice balance of print and photos. The author won the Newberry Medal for another book, Lincoln, A Photobiography.

Major Forms of World Government series:
  • Milestones in the Evolution of Government - 321
  • Theocracy - 321.5
  • Democracy - 321.8
  • Dictatorship - 321.8
  • Monarchy - 321.6
  • Oligarchy - 321.5
  • Fascism - 321.94
  • Communism - 321.92

Biographies of..
  • The Cast of Glee
  • Kanye West
  • Lady Gaga
  • Suzanne Collins (author of The Hunger Games)

Compact Research Series on The Internet: (perfect for debate topics)

  • The Digital Divide - 303.48
  • Hacking - 364.16
  • Online Addiction - 616.85
  • Cyberbullying - 302.34
  • Cyberwarfare - 355.4

Google Docs

Google Docs is a great tool for you and your students. A word processing program that "lives" on-line, this tool allows you and your students to create documents individually or together. Google Docs also eliminates problems for those who have PCs at home as it does not change based on the type of computer you have.

All you need to use Google Docs is a Google account, which most of us have without even realizing it. The video below gives a quick tutorial on how Google Docs works.
Google Docs in Plain English

Picture Book Library

We are looking to create a Picture Book Library in the HSS Library. And by picture book, yes, I mean those books you snuggle(d) up to read with your children. There are many children's books that have great lessons for older students and adults. We use them in Leadership and SH(OUT) all the time, but there are lots of applications for history, art, planning, math, science, and English classes.

If you have a suggestion for a book you think would work for your class, or would like to donate some "gently used" books that your children are no longer reading, please see Lenora in the Library.

Some titles you can expect to see in the Picture Book Library:
Good Night iPad, by Ann Droyd
Not a Box and Not a Stick, by Antoinette Ports
The Rumor, by Monique Felix
Flotsam, by DavidWiesner

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