EduTech Essay

September 2018

Welcome to the Essay!

EduTech is announcing the introduction of a quarterly newsletter to help communicate news, services and critical information related to the educational and information technology field for 47 school districts in the Genesee Valley and Wayne-Finger Lakes region!

From the Director.........

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the EduTech Essay! This digital newsletter will focus on EduTech services and what they are providing to the region. Expect to see the Essay delivered to your mailbox in the months of September, December, March and June.

The Summer of 2018 proved to be a very busy one for EduTech. We assisted our school districts in ordering hardware, software, upgraded systems, delivered goods and installed equipment.

This past year we.......

  • had 26 districts participate in Computer Based Testing (CBT) for 2017-2018.
  • 16,922 students participated in CBT in the EduTech Region.
  • CBT exams were taken on: 6,373 Chromebooks, 234 iPads, 1,380 Desktops and 2,057 unknown devices.
  • processed over $5,000,000 in product renewals for districts.
  • procured over $15,000,000 in hardware for districts.
  • trained teachers and staff on a variety of applications.
  • added new staff for district requests in many shared staff areas such as: Data Coordinators, Instructional Technology Specialists, and Technical Services.
  • deployed new PCs, Laptops, and Chromebooks in numerous districts.
  • conducted data migrations for multiple districts migrating from physical to virtual machines.
  • piloted and deployed a single server VMware solution in 2 districts.
  • performed network core and/or switch upgrades in multiple districts.
  • performed SAN/backup hardware upgrades in 3 districts.

A Faster Internet Connection

This summer, LakeNet completed the upgrade to 600Mb of internet (for all districts) from the 200Mb standard. They also conducted required updates to the IBoss filtering system.

E-Rate - You may be eligible! Access your category 2 funds today!

  • In October 2018, districts will be receiving email requests for 470 Information
  • All Information for 470 submitted by Feb 8, 2019
  • Regionally there is over $4,000,000 available!

If you are unsure if you have any remaining funds please contact your EduTech Erate Coordinators.

Kelly Buirch


Andy Richardson


EduTech Courier Service

The service will start up again on Wednesday, September 12th.

Computer Based Testing

The SED Fall Tour is an opportunity for SED to promote CBT to new schools and districts as well as to discuss the previous year’s CBT implementation. This year SED will also be focusing on NYSED’s response to the technical difficulties experienced during CBT ELA and also provide some details about what’s new for CBT 2019.

CBT Fall Tour Timeframes: Thursday, October 4, 2018

Morning Session: 8:30 am to 10:30 am at WNYRIC

CBT Fall Tour Timeframes: Friday, October 5, 2018

Morning Session: 8:30 am to 10:30 am at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES

Instructional Technology Training

The Fall Training Catalog is now available for districts. Click here to see what offerings are available for all district staff for the Fall of 2018.

Mark your calendars for "Applied Digital Skills G-Suite: Prepare your Students For Life In and Out of the Classroom" by renowned Google Trainer, Eric Curts. Workshop is free to EduTech districts.

Business Operations - Purchasing

In transitioning to new positions, we have Charlene Button join us to do EduTech billing and Dee Dee Coons has moved to the EduTech warehouse to do purchasing. Karen Jensen who has done EduTech purchasing for many years has transferred to the business office. We are also in the process of streamlining our Network Printing Centers billing by hiring staff to focus solely on these purchases.

Cafeteria Systems ( Nutrikids Support)

This summer the Nutrikids support team was busy and completed the following:

  • 54 NutriKid end of year rollovers
  • 9 Server Installs
  • 24 Equipment Installs
  • 54 Student File Imports
  • 177 Support Calls (7/1 to 8/28)

Data Warehouse/Services

Staff Evaluation Training:

We will be covering how to access your district's state approved APPR Plan, how to use sub-component scores to arrive at an overall rating & what codes to report for each. We'll also talk about how to format your data for load into Level 0 and what L2RPT reports to verify.

GVEP | LeRoy

Wed. | Sept. 12th | 8:30-11:00am

The Conference Center | WFL

Thurs. | Sept. 13th | 8:30-11:00am

Staff Evaluation Walk-In Session:

An open invitation to all data coordinators and others involved with Staff Evaluation Data Reporting - Please come in for help and Q&A provided by the Data Warehouse/Test Scoring Team.

The Conference Center | WFL

Wendesday | Sept. 19th | 8:30am-3pm

Registration Not Necessary

The Conference Center | WFL

Thursday | Sept. 20th | 8:30am-3:00pm

Registration Not Necessary

Important dates to know:

August Regents, RCT and August Graduation Data

  • Applicable To: Public School Districts, Charter Schools
  • Level 0 Lock Deadline is Wednesday, October 10th
  • Templates Required – Demo (New Field – Career Path), Enroll, Assessment Fact
  • Verification in L2RPT:SIRS-309 Annual Regents Report, SIRS-310 Annual Regents Competency Report – Entered into Level 0 by District Staff, SIRS-308 Annual Graduation & Post Graduation Plans Report

BEDS (Personnel Master File) – Teachers

  • Applicable To: Public School Districts, BOCES, Charter Schools, State Operated Schools
  • Deadline for Teachers to Complete ePMF Forms (in TAA) – Friday, December 14th
  • Deadline for Administrator Review of ePMF Forms (TAA) - Friday, February 1st, Staff Snapshot and Staff Assignment Level 0 Lock Deadline is Wednesday January 30th for Federal Reporting, Verification in SIRS-320 Staff Snapshot and SIR-318 Staff Assignment in L2RPT
  • Templates Required – Staff Snapshot
  • Verification in TAA: ePMF

BEDS Day Enrollment – Including Pre-K and FRPL due for preliminary state aid calculations (Snapshot #1)

  • Applicable To: Public School Districts, Charter Schools
  • Level 0 Lock Deadline is Wednesday, January 2nd
  • Templates Required – Demographics, Enrollment, Program Services
  • Verification in L2RPT: SIRS-312, 313, 314, 316, 319, 323

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions please send them to


Special Education/Medicaid is working with the Data Warehouse Team to ensure that the required Special Education data is accurate and loaded to the state Data Warehouse.

Help Desk

  • Hired 2 summer interns: They assisted at various Districts with MTS staff on Installs/Network Upgrades
  • Assisted Shared staff in Districts with various projects/Wiping chromebooks, moving Technology from classrooms, assisted in burnin on District SAA’s
  • Assisted Warehouse in Tagging
  • Hired a Replacement CSA for the EduTech Help Desk (Rebecca Vermeulen)
  • Currently working on upgrading ticket system HEAT to Service Manager powered by HEAT now owned by IVANTI.
  • Help Desk: is working through all documented procedures to verify and update. Created Summer School WFL K-12 Student accounts.
  • Deactivate and reset all student accounts at end of summer school.
  • Created over 1500 student accounts for the new year.


  • Supported students taking 52 online courses during the summer
  • Hiring two new part-time online teachers
  • Retooling – moving teachers to Outlook email; updating courses; improving our information system; updating site and materials
  • Renewing College Board AP Course approval
  • Professional development meetings with our online teachers
  • Highlights of our new online courses:

American Sign Language I


Video Game Design

Digital Filmmaking

Stop Motion Animation

Digital Animation

Digital Comic Book Creation


Python Multi-player Game Creation

Introduction to Coding

Digital Music