Plate Boundaries

By Donavan Nenzou

Convergent Boundaries

Ocean to Ocean: Ocean to ocean plate boundaries are when two oceanic crusts converge. The one that is older and more denser will slide under the lighter crust. One example of this is the Aleutian Islands. In the link below there is information about the island and its location being in Alaska. Ocean to ocean collisions cause the creation of volcanoes.

Ocean to Continental: Ocean to continental crust convergences happen when an oceanic crust collides with a continental crust. After that The denser one (usually the continental) will curve under the less denser one. This type of convergences usually cause mountains and earthquakes.

Continental to Continental: When continental crust crashes with another this can cause a wide variation of natural occurrences from the creation of mountain ranges and valleys to volcanoes and earthquakes. An example of this is the Himalayan Range in Nepal and parts of China. This involves the Indian Plate collide with the Eurasia Plate. To prove that the plates are still moving Mt. Everest (the tallest mountain in the world) which is in this ranges grows a couple inches each year.

Divergent Boundaries

Ridge (ocean): Ocean ridges occur when two plates go diverge from each other and a space is created between the space of the two plates that's filled with the magma that floats up to ocean floor.

Rift (land): A rift is just the continental version of an ocean ridge and is created when two continental plates separate and create a land void in between them. They can cause volcanoes and can sometimes even cause earthquakes. They can sometimes be nicknamed cracks in the Earth.

Transform Plate Boundary

Transform Boundaries occur when two plates slide against each other creating earthquakes and faults.. An example of this is the San Andreas Fault located in and around San Francisco. The fault has been the source of the earthquakes happening in the past decades within that region of California. In a couple thousands years, San Francisco and Los Angeles will be a couple feet apart from each other.