Charlie Gordon

Gage Zupancic 6th period

Inderect Characterization

Appearance: He has brown hair and tall. Pages 351, 354, 358.

Actions: Charlie likes to learn. All pages.

Words: Very unclear words/ writing. All pages!

Thoughts/Feelings: Charlie feels smarter, different, and in love. Pages 353, 365, and 360.

Relationships: Others don't like him and are scared of him. He has a very strong relationship with Mrs. Kinnian and Dr. Strauss. Pages 358, 359, 365, and 362.

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Direct Characterization

Appearance: The characters name is Charlie Gordon and is 37 years old. Page 347.

Actions: Charlie tells himself that he's getting smarter and learning more. Many pages, mainly 361.

Words: Charlie's amazed on how much he's learning. Pages 350 and 351.

Thoughts/Feelings: Charlie hopes they will use him for the tests and other things. He doesn't feel like he's passing any of the tests. Pages 347 and 348.

Relationships: Not very good relationships and thinks people are scared of him. Page 360.