Non-Sense Or Common Sense

Andrew Jackson: Hero Or Zero

Jackson in a positive view

Jackson is awesome he is like a hero i love this guy. He can get whatever he wants whenever, you have to be brave to do all the stuff he does. He only thinks us rich people should have land and national banks and he is so right. Poor people shouldn't be rewarded they are wack only us rich wealthy peoples should.

jackson in a negative view

We do not like jackson and he does not like us. Jackson will do anything to get what he wants and he would most of the time. Jackson is a savage he will kill you if he has to because he's crazy. Im scared, because right now we are on feet and we have lost lots of lives. Its cold i'm starving and i don't know how much longer i can take this.

Whats Happening in the picture?

This picture is showing jackson slaying the heads of many monsters. This picture shows how much jackson hates the national bank. He hates the fact that poor people can use it, he feels if people are going to use it, it should be the rich and wealthy. Jackson wanted the bak to be destroyed.