It never was...


On January 17, 1893, the Hawaiian Kingdom had fallen. Though, it wouldn’t have been without the help of the 24th and 25th presidents; Grover Cleveland & William Mckinley, as well as the U.S. Minister of Hawaii, John L. Stevens. Through a series of events, mainly being blackmail…the Hawaiian Power was no more.

A State of the Union

No. The entire overthrow and annexation of Hawai'i was illegal and immoral. When missionaries first set foot on these islands, they had only ONE objective, ONE purpose: to convert the natives. As time passed, and the Kapu System destroyed, it gave these nosy foreigners the oppportunity to get involved with politics. Soon creating a government that would later be flipped and turned over into the filthy hands of these foreign men. From the very beginning, Hawaiians barely had any power. Foreigners, mainly American men, had major influence in Hawaii's government. They were against bringing back hawaiian tradition, and more against Hawaiians having more power. Including the U.S. Minister of Hawaii, they were strongly opposed to David Kalakaua's intention of giving more power to the monarchy.Instead, the honolulu rifles marched their way up to the king, and forcefully made him sign the Bayonet constitution. A consititution which gave the power to the Cabinet. The president at the time, President Grover Cleveland, was also opposed to the Annexation of Hawaii. Demanding they return the kingdom to the Hawaiian people. Of course, those docked in Hawaii had disagreed. They countered with another problem. In order for them to return the hawaiian kingdom, the president would have to kill all those troops that were docked on the island. Something the president just couldnt do...he chickened out

Supplemental Information

"1893" Jamaica Heolimeleikalani Osorio

Below is a video of Jamaica Heolimeleikalani Osorio during a slam poetry competition. She was born and raised in Hawaii, around the Hawaiian culture. In her presentation she speaks of how her ancestors and relatives were stripped of their Hawaiian ways. As well as how Hawaiian power was unjustly taken away. With many metaphors and rhetorical devices used in her poem, she had made quite a statement.

Brave New Voices: "1893" Jamaica (HBO)


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