Mexican immigrants in Minnesota

By: Bree Chappie

Why Mexican immigrants come to Minnesota

Many people in Mexico decide to leave their own country and move to Minnesota to reap the benefits of living here. Some of the pull factors of living here include more opportunities for jobs and higher income, a better education, and a promise for better welfare and safety that might not be insured in Mexico.

Problems in Mexico

The push factors are almost the exact polar opposites of the pull factors. Despite Mexico's unemployment rate being somewhat lower than that in the United States or Minnesota (U.S is about 6.6% Mexico is about 5.5%) many of those employed are stuck in meager jobs that pay very little and often have little or no opportunity to gain higher positions. Education and schools are significantly lacking (Which contributes to these meager jobs that many of Mexico's population are stuck with) Drug cartels have also become a big problem and crime rates have skyrocketed in Mexico.

~ One third of Mexican immigrants that come here are in their early 20's ~

~ Most Mexican Immigrants come from rural places and move to urban places ~

Where They Go And What They Do

The largest group of Mexican immigrants reside in Minneapolis and St. Paul. In Minnesota Latinos are more geographically dispersed throughout the state than any other immigrant group.

Many Mexican workers are employed in agriculture or human services, such as serving in cafeterias or working in stores. Many of these immigrants also go and open up their own businesses- In 2012 Latino businesses alone generated I estimated 200 million in Minnesota. More than 200 thriving Latino businesses can be located in Minneapolis.

Problems Mexican immigrants face in Minnesota

There are problems Mexican immigrants could potentially face when coming to Minnesota. Many Mexican workers face the problem of having their workers rights abused; many of these immigrants are overworked and get low-pay and little or no work benefits. Another issue can also be discrimination.