Comparison of Colonial Regions

Maria Olson

New England Region

They became know as the puritans and church was the center of life. New England relied solely on the Alantic Ocean and the built ships, traded, fished, and only had farm for self support. The Puritian church was a central part of life every settler supported and attended the church. The Salem witch trials were caused by towns people who accused by other people. The puritians were the first colony to promote public education.

Middle Region

This colony had way more religious tolerance and diversity. They depended on both farming and commerce, larger cities had ports for shipping over seas, and the fur trade thrived because of the water ways. They also formed a bond with the Native Americans. William Penn made the colony have a more diverse population and the became know as the Quakers. They actually started moving west befor the rest of the world.merchants were considered upperclass and sailors,unskilled workers, and some artisans were lower class.

Southern Region

The first colony was in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607. It was established be a joint stock company called the Virginia company. Many of the settlers died from the cold weather, diseases, and starvation. Native Americans actually helped them to survive. John Rolfe discovered a new crop called tobacco. Slaves and indentured servents were at the bottom of society. Education did not exist in the southern colonies and the were mainly established for economic reasons.