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A time to smile and feel the joy!

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What a show it was!

Over the past 21 Christmas', Andy Boucher continues to provide his audiences with amazing performances by our children. Weaving harmonies, rounds, traditional tunes, and new songs, Andy has stretched the voices of the students to bring joy and entertainment to the two full houses at the Intermediate School gym. Thanks to our custodians for set up and to the Phy Ed teachers for letting us use the space to practice. Thaks for joining us!

The Giving Spirit is So Alive at Merton Primary

As you can see by the photos here, our school community families have again delivered the presents to those families who sure need a lift at this time of year. From the tags on the Christmas trees, current families and former families, contribute to this incredible event. Many thanks!

Reading a classic to the 4th graders

"The Owl Moon" is a Caldecot Award winning book that incorporates fantastic illustrations with a simple story of a father and a child searching for the great horned owl. With the children's work and improvement in the readers' and writers' workshops, this book has features that compliment this new learning. The children were awesome listeners and contributors to the conversation.

Decorations on the doors

Here are a few photos of the decorative doors in our school. In case you haven't been able to stop by, Here are a few of the ones I found to be fun.

Building young readers

Here you will find photos of a bulletin board in the 5K wing. The children are emerging from their pre-primer years and are emerging with better understandings of text patterns, illustrations, and storylines. Be sure to ask about the new super reader powers they are learning. Check your child's newsletter for more details. Please remember how important it is for reading at home too. Thanks.

Mike Budisch

The smiling faces of some 4th graders who helped Darlene Hafferman, humble Samaritan of Merton, to organize the many donated presents. They were so excited to help her out and were amazed at how many presents there were given by families. WOW!