Destination Venezuela

Beautiful beaches and wonderful land marks!

Cities and History of Venezuela

The capital of Venezuela is Caracas. Four major cities in Venezuela are Maracaibo, Valencia, Barquisimeto, and Maracay. Venezuela was controlled by Gran Colombia but Gran Colombia broke apart and Venezuela became independent in 1830 snd is still independent today.

Geography and Political information

Venezuela is east of Colombia, west of Guyana, and north of Brazil. Venezuela has many rivers and is along side the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the physical features of Venezuela are the Apure River, Sarisarinama Jaua- Surinama National Park, and Pico Humboldt. Venezuela's type of government is federal republic and their leader is Nicolás Maduro

Language and History of Venezuela's flag

In Venezuela their official language is Spanish. Venezuela's flag has a yellow stripe on top, then a blue, and on the bottom a red stripe. Their flag has stars on it that makes a curve. Venezuela flag was officially adopted on April 20th, 1836. The flag was modeled after the one used by the libationary leader, Francisco de Maranda.

Economic Information and Tourist Information

The currant currency of Venezuela is the Venezuela Bolivar and their economic system is capitalism. Why should people visit Venezuela? People should visit Venezuela because of its amazing beaches and Venezuela's famous land marks. What should tourists see and do? Tourists can go to the beaches, national Pantheon, and see land marks like the Plaza Bloívar.